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August 8, 2005 by starkers
Hi all, was just browsing Major Geeks and came across this spyware cleanerLink
and thought some here might find it useful against spyware. Don't jnow how effective it is as yet, but it promises a suite of tools to combat malware, tracking devices and more. I ran it upon installation and it found a few items that Adaware, MS Antispy and Spybot had missed last night, so it could be worth a try
August 3, 2005 by starkers
I have found some wallpapers with the same name and want to store in the same folder, but the new additions always want to replace the originals and I'm unable to rename them. When I try to rename a wallpaper, I get a warning message that the file will become unstable and it changes format if I proceed. Can I rename these files within Windows somehow, so they maintain stability and format, or do I need a 3rd party program?

Thanks for any help offered
July 24, 2005 by starkers
Bit the bullet and rid myself of NIS/NAV problems with a clean install...all else failed in resolving those issues. Done clean installs before without issue, but....

Problem now is no NTLDR and no bootup...must leave in motherboard disc to start system and unsure how to restore NTLDR, with or without another rewrite.

Not long ago I put in new SAT 160 gig HD to serve as primary boot and replace IDE 40 gig, but being newbie had problems changing boot sequence. Eventually took it to techie...
July 8, 2005 by starkers
I recently purchased an OEM version of Norton Internet Security 2004 and have had nothing but trouble with it from day one with the antivirus component refusing to perform manual or scheduled system scans. So far it has been installed on 5 occasions, and each time this is the result.

The first time it was installed, the system scan worked only once and had to be uninstalled with difficuly in safe mode as it wouldn't allow me to otherwise. Same with the second install (no scans) but it would...
June 26, 2005 by starkers
Can anyone help? I have done several searches to find a 3rd party proggy that can apply sound packages in the one go, rather than having to use the time consuming Windows method, but cannot find one. I am running XP Professional SP2. Any leads will be greatly appreciated, thank you