Someplace to stash my stuff to remove them
Published on March 29, 2006 By starkers In Personal Computing
I recently installed The Avast Anti-virus proggy and wondered why it seemed to be taking an extraordinary amount of time to complete the scan of my system, so maximized the window to watch what was happening. What I discovered was that it was scanning files that I had deleted some time ago. In the case of one HD that had been transferred from my previous system and had an OS installed, I noticed Avast was scanning old system files and recycled items that were no long longer visible, in use.

Being that an OS does not actually remove data from a disk when deleted, I did a search to find a program which would clean my drives of all this old data, and came up with Sure Delete v 5.1.1. This program only cleans free space and does not touch any files or folders in use. I ran it on all 8 partitions on my system without issue, all files/folders remained intact, and found that Avast scan times were more than halved....going from 2 mil plus + files down to just over 1 mil, thus freeing up system resources and speeding up response times, etc.

So if you have similar issues...or just wanna stop your partner recovering love letters to WC/Stardock , this proggy could be your answer.....

on Mar 30, 2006
Good program! I run Avast 4 Home myself and, have also noticed the long scanning time.

I download and ran the program you posted the link to. Seems to work good but I haven't run Avast yet.

on Apr 02, 2006
Tried it and it cut the scan time with Avast in half. Thanks!