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Published on August 8, 2005 By starkers In Personal Computing
Hi all, was just browsing Major Geeks and came across this spyware cleanerLink
and thought some here might find it useful against spyware. Don't jnow how effective it is as yet, but it promises a suite of tools to combat malware, tracking devices and more. I ran it upon installation and it found a few items that Adaware, MS Antispy and Spybot had missed last night, so it could be worth a try

on Aug 08, 2005
I like the systray icon.
No manual scanning? Only thing it found was 2 tracking cookies from my isp.
We'll see.
on Aug 09, 2005
Seems to be quite wife was online for a while doing her own thing, and when I came back to check it, there were several entries of "pluto", a tracking device of, some entries of "V5" another tracking device, and 2 "mysearch" browser modifiers had been blocked. In all there were 15+ entries detected and blocked for manual deletion.

Could be a win, win situation to supplement other antispy's, works in the background and doesn't seem heavy on resources.
on Aug 09, 2005
Ok, here's a link Link for those needing to know more