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Published on December 8, 2006 By starkers In Personal Computing
Orright, so I got all these audio tapes of really old music you just can't buy on CD, and I wanna covert them to discs that'll play on my Okay, so I got all the gear to do that, and my audio capture saves as wav files by if I save the required tracks as wav files, would the resulting CD play on a standard stereo system?

Told you it was a simple question, and I'm sure there's a simple answer, for which a simple web search was performed, but my poor simple mind couldn't make head nor tail of all the tech speak in the results I got back...probably didn't ask the question properly, hence I'm here asking something I should probably aleady know.

TIA for indulging me.
on Dec 08, 2006
If you are using NERO or the like you can load the wav files up and burn to audio CD and the software will do the rest.
on Dec 08, 2006
would the resulting CD play on a standard stereo system?

Yes. However....I have done this with cassette recordings from my gigs. I used 'Audacity' (it's free and great) to tweak them...remove static, add bass, etc to improve the final result. The only thing that sucks about it is losing 'stereo' playback when it's all done. But, the recordings came out well. With audacity, you can even convert them into mp3's and a host of other formats.

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on Dec 08, 2006
Thanks guys, now I'm some the wiser....just gotta get this simple mind o' mine ta put 'em together now, you know, figure out which tracks to which disc, what to call each to use the burning proggie after I find where I've hidden the saved files.

Nah, I got it covered...and thanks again.
on Dec 08, 2006
Starkers...the songs on my music link marked 'Live at The Blue Marsh Canteen' were all recorded with a cheap cassette deck. I put them through 'Audacity' to tweak 'em up best I could. Granted, they aren't great, but with vinyl, you should get some outstanding results through Audacity.

edit...and with Audacity, you can save it to wav, mp3, etc...AND save it as an audacity file (kinda like a psp file) to edit later or tweak some more.
on Dec 08, 2006
Thanks Po`, I'll take a look at Audacity....added to the suite of programs that came with my Audigy 4 soundcard, and Nero Premuim 7, I should achieve some great results...

Some of the music is that old (like Moses plays harp on one track), it's a bit pop and crackly in places, so it'll need some tweaking, me thinks.

Most of the music I want to transfer to disc is mainly 60's stuff, some of it U.S. but mostly Brit stuff, and I've searched high n' low to find what I want on CD but it just isn't available. I'd often spend ages in a music store sifting through all their 60's and 70's compilation sets, and quite often I'd end up buying a whole 5 disc set just to get one or two songs.....well no more, seeing as the music bigwigs don't wanna put out the stuff I really want, I'll discify (is that a real word) it meself.

BTW, I bookmarked yer site as well ....couldn't bear tha missus to have good stuff that I didn't.