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October 1, 2016 by starkers
In the early days I made it quite clear that I did not like Win 10 and that I'd stick with Win 8.1 because it is fast, stable and reliable.  In fact, I'm still using 8.1 on my main rig and am happy with the choice to remain with it.  However, I have Win 10 0n my HP 2-in1 and like it much better now that I've tweaked it to suit my likes and needs.  In some cases I used 3rd-party apps to achieve the desired result, but often times I could adjust things in 'Settings&#...
February 21, 2016 by starkers
The title pretty much says what the problem is, and for the most part it isn't an issue.... until I want to use various 3rd party programs to defrag and/or clean up.

For example, the wipe free space in Ccleaner is unavailable, with the select boxes for each HDD greyed out and the drive description being SSD, which it isn't.  The other program I can't use is SmartDefrag.  Again, the select boxes for my HDDs are greyed out, and the drives are recognised as SSDs.

Thing i...
June 4, 2015 by starkers
Well my CoolerMaster Cosmos II, ASUS Maximus VII Hero mobo and CPU cooler have arrived... at long fechen last.

Oops, I did say rant off, didn't I?   Still, I waited long enough... and maybe there's a little residual frustration lingering.

Anyway, I unpacked the Cosmos II.... and what a beastie it is, too!  I thought the Thermaltake Level 10 was a beastie, but this beastie beats that beastie by quite a bit.  It's fechen huge!  Put it this way, and not ...
May 30, 2015 by starkers
So, a month ago now I ordered a new motherboard, liquid CPU cooler and a Coolermaster Cosmos II case, and I'm still fechen waiting on the arrival of these items.

Why?????   EOFYS, that's fechen why.... End of Financial Year Stocktake.  Well that's a large part of it.  The other part is that the mobo I originally ordered had suddenly became unavailable - in part because of stocktaking, but also something to do with a model revision to include USB 3.1 - and I'...
May 20, 2015 by starkers
I hadn't planned to make any more tech purchases once I'd gotten my CoolerMaster Cosmos II and a Z97 motherboard to upgrade my i7 4790K rig, but plans do not always go to plan, as I found out yesterday, now.

So there I was, trawling through price comparison pages for PC tech, as you do, when I spied this ASUS ROG Mars 760 Dual GPU graphcs card going for an unusually low price... and better still, the place selling it is just 20 minutes away by bus.

Anyway, to cut a long story short...
May 7, 2015 by starkers
Just as the title says, AMD is claiming that its upcoming Zen processor, which will be based on 14nm process tecnology, will compete with the best Intel can produce.  To be honest, I really hope so. 

While my main machine is currently Intel based, I have run several AMD machines over the years and hope the company can again become competitive because I have been happy with its products and would rather see it remain a force in the tech world than fold, as some journalists/tech comme...
February 26, 2015 by starkers
As the title says, Firefox now comes with a 64 bit version.

For those who are interested.... here's more, plus links to the downloads.

Happy sailing and don't fergit yer Sou'westers.
December 5, 2014 by starkers
I really wanted to take a shot at Google today but couldn't find anything newsworthy or damning.

However, I found the next best thing...  a damning indictment on Apple... something it oughta be fechin' ashamed of but instead is defending.

Yup, the mother-whats-its [insert expletive here] created software to delete competitors music purchased by users from their iPods and other fechen i devices.

Despicable ain't the word for it!  Try downright fechen criminal.....
December 5, 2014 by starkers
So the last few months haven't been the greatest and I needed a bit of cheering up.... and what better to do that than a new device that blows yer old one outta the water!!

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I got me a HP Envy x2 13" Touchscreen Laptop to fill in while I'm between addresses and can't set up my main PCs the way I'd like.  Put bluntly, I don't have the room, and this little laptop-come tablet pretty much handles what I need to do for now. 

More to th...
September 21, 2014 by starkers
Yup, just like it says, I wish that those flaming idiots queuing for days on end to get an iPhone 6 would be charged with loitering or something and taken away under the vagrancy act.

What's more, those bastages at Apple should have released it during Winter... so the twerps sleeping out overnight were freezing their tushes off and were more than grateful for a nice warm cell [with a toilet] to bunk down in.

I figure it would save them alot of money as well, cos vagrancy is just a misd...
September 15, 2014 by starkers
I just spotted the linked item over at Majorgeeks, where spammers are using upside down text to fool spam filters.

For mine, the only upside down spammers should be involved in/subjected to is being hung upside down by the gonads.

BTW, the upside down text in the title isn't my work... credit goes to Majorgeeks for that.
July 25, 2014 by starkers
I've been waiting for the beginning of the end for some time now, and some tech analyst who reckons Apple could be obsolete inside 3 years has raised my hopes some.

Id love for it to be true... and all those Mac fanbois booking themseves into rehab to deal with the wthdrawal symptoms.

Dunno about 12 months, even!  6 would be nice but probably too much to expect.  The asylums wouldn't be anywhere near prepared for such an immediate influx of lost souls craving the next iSo...
April 14, 2014 by starkers
Well it seems Microsoft knows no bounds when stacking the odds in its favour.  The UK Register reports that Microsoft is claiming to hold hundreds of Android patents, so could it in fact pose problems for Android device manufacturers, not to mention Google.  According to one commenter, Microsoft owns around 200 patents essential to the manufacture of Android smartphones, so there is a potential for conflict should MS decide to revoke usage of the patents outside of its own sphere of co...
March 19, 2014 by starkers
I feel really good today because I could ring my sister and let her know that all the parts we'd ordered had arrived and that I'd almost finished building her very first brand new PC.  After years of my hand-me-downs and 2nd-hand rigs that were more trouble than they were worth sometimes, and being repaid a wad of money she was owed, she bit the bullet and splurged out $AU 1100 for the build and another S250 on a mobile rack and a 4 bay Vantec caddy just like mine.

The build is a...
March 5, 2014 by starkers
Take a look here - - to see just how rotten Apple really is... hides billions to avoid taxes...