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Published on February 17, 2006 By starkers In Personal Computing
I have 3 HD's in my PC, but an 80 gig SATA drive just stopped showing up in 'my computer' and does not show in the BIOS settings either, just wondering if its dead or not..or if somethinmg's amiss in my MBR, etc.
in the Events Log, there's an entry saying: "Source sr> Error Event ID 1...The system restore filter encountered the error '0xC00000243' while processing the file Savrt on the volume Harddisk volume 1. It has stopped monitoring the volume."
It does not appear in Bios settings either...where the HD is supposed to be on the IDE is showing empty nothing present....activating disk does nothing to bring it back.
I have a dual boot system with XP Pro on C:/ and XP home on what should be J:/, but J:/ is missing and I cannot access anything on the select OS page, not even F9 to get into advanced start up or troubleshooting. Also there's a third OS entry for one that no longer exists....disk partition was reformatted but it still remains in OS selection at startup.
I'm unfamiliar with this area....could it be a MBR problem, and if so, how do I correct it?
Or could it be a Windows problem with my primary OS, XP, a missing file or something, and thus the MBR, BIOS settings are misreading something?
The HD I think is a Seagate, is under 2 years old and hasn't had alot of use, primarily storage for the most part, has been a secondary OS drive just recently but rarely used.

Hopefully thats enough info to get things rolling......yrag, anybody....suggestions/advice....pretty please

on Feb 17, 2006
On the motherboard, change the SATA plug from SATA 1 to SATA 2 (or 3/4 if you have four). Re-seat both plugs on the drive. Power up and see if the bios shows it.
on Feb 17, 2006
Thanks, yrag, will give that a go and get back to you on it....oh Great Bringer of Thunderstorms (Jafo's multiple accounts thread).

Had a rough night sleepwise and not feeling too crash hot at present, so it might take a while before I get back to you with the results, okay.
on Feb 19, 2006
Me thinks it is 3 parts dead....changed over MB connections and reseated at HD end, rebooted and it shows u in BIOS but makes an awful whirring sound and XP Pro still doesn't want to detect it properly.
Best that I just replace it to keep and independent drive for the second OS.
Thing is, the select OS page still shows both versions of XP Home though neither is present, how do I remove these ghost entries, as I don't want to have 4 when the new drive is installed with XP home as my second OS? I know it has something to to with the BIOS and MBR, but not how to adjust it and help there would be appreciated.

TIA starkers