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Published on July 8, 2005 By starkers In Personal Computing
I recently purchased an OEM version of Norton Internet Security 2004 and have had nothing but trouble with it from day one with the antivirus component refusing to perform manual or scheduled system scans. So far it has been installed on 5 occasions, and each time this is the result.

The first time it was installed, the system scan worked only once and had to be uninstalled with difficuly in safe mode as it wouldn't allow me to otherwise. Same with the second install (no scans) but it wouldn't uninstall and messed up other programs, thus forcing me to rewrite Windows XP and starting from scratch. With a clean install and nothing else to interfere with it, the system scan worked once and refused to run again, forcing another rewrite which produced the same result. The 5th install was done by a techie after a clean install of Windows and all seemed well until trying to perform a system scan. Again it didn't work, and again I can't uninstall it to try again. Furthermore, System Restore seems to have been disabled since the first and only scan on June 26, whereas it worked prior to this. The bold dates still show on the calendar, but when trying to restore my system to a date before this, a "no change page" returns.

I never had these problems with my previous version of Nortons (Internet Security 2003) and I'm at a loss as how to remedy the situation without buying another copy and wasting what Ive already spent. My techie believes it may be caused by Object Desktop as there are no known software conflicts with my other programs - could this be so? I would hardly think so as system scans didn't work on clean installs with or without OD, though I did install ObjectDock after that first scan, which may have caused an issue, perhaps.

In any event, it looks like I'm up for another clean install of XP and another copy of Nortons, unless somebody can help wih another solution.....pleeeeeeease, and thank you in advance for any ideas

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on Jul 08, 2005
yes, I also face same problem, the desktopx is stop the antivirus acan the hard disk, unload and reinstall is no use, Now I just use AVG antivirus free version 7.0 for my pc , I hope stardock can solve the problem asap.

joe lee
on Jul 08, 2005
Starkers...if you had no problems with the 2003 version of Norton why not just reinstall that? I'm still using 2003 and I have no problems, no virues, and no intrusions. As the old saying goes...if it ain't (I know broke, don't fix it.

I've heard the same thing from others that have up/downgraded Norton. All I can tell you your clean install and don't install any OD for a fews days and do several or more scans to make sure they work...then install OD after a few days and see if the problem starts again, and if it does you will know one way or the other if it's OD.
on Jul 08, 2005
Fingers Crossed....problem might be fixed....with alot of luck.

I went to Stardock Central with the idea of uninstalling DesktopX (given your experience, Joe), but instead downloaded the available updates, hoping it would help, and viola, a system scan is now running. Won't jump for joy just yet, being that scans wouldn't run before on a clean install, but I won't be messing with anything at the moment either.

Thanks for the advice, you, Joe for leading me to a solution...and to you Webgizmos cos that was my next course of action if all else failed. This has been the most problematic version of Internet Security, but hopefully that's behind me and I don't have to resort 2003 with yet another rewrite.

Also, thanks to Stardock for the magnificent efforts to resolve our problems and issues with haste

on Jul 08, 2005
Your problem is best outlined in your title: Norton Antivirus.

That program is the biggest pile of crap I've ever come across. Do yourself a favour and switch over to a better anti-virus system.


AVG is a hell of a lot better than Norton (it's picked up stuff that Norton passed over), and it's free. I sincerely urge you to uninstall Norton and use something else.

If you don't mind paying for good anti-virus software, NOD32 (ESET) is what I use, and it is VERY good.

-- B
on Jul 08, 2005
And unlike Norton that allows you to get a virus and then try and deal with it, AVG will keep you from getting it in the first place.I have had AVG for years now with no problems and no virus infections!
on Jul 08, 2005
I have to agree Norton is the cause of many problems. I have switched to Trend Micro and have never had a problem.

on Jul 08, 2005
When I had Norton, I had to run a recovery disk twice and completely reformat once. Norton lets stuff in. Period. Since I hace switched to AVG and Zone Alarm, I have had zero problems.
on Jul 08, 2005
When I was running Nortons Internet Security 2003, I experienced no such problems and had a relatively trouble free internet experience... barring a browser hijacker that came with downloaded MSstyles from a certain site. However, this 2004 version is decidedly more temperamental and prone to software conflicts than its predecssor, so yeah, given recent problems, I have to agree that it's a pain in the butt. Thing is, I'm stuck with it for a while longer (finances), and it is working now so will bear with it whilst looking at alternatives to suit my needs.

Also, during this problem period, my System Restore wasn't working either, but since the DesktopX upgrade today, it is also working normally again. Thought I had better mention this just in case others find the same issue.

Thanks to everyone for their advice
on Jul 08, 2005
AVG antivirus is free, by the way.
I believe Zone Alarm is about $30 (firewall)
on Jul 08, 2005
Thanks SD, I shall look into that asap.

Update: after informing Symantec of the situation with DesktopX and yesterday's update resolving the issue, they replied by email to thank me for the feedback on how their product can be improved. Maybe, and I mean maybe, they'll work to resolve conflicts such as this, either alone or with Stardock. We can only hope, I suppose.
on Jul 08, 2005

I have installed Norton Anvirus 2005 on my various network computers and still have trouble with many of them.

Their tech support has been outsourced to India; it just increases the frustration when they you can't understand what they are saying.

My specific problem is Norton is constantly popping back up asking for Reactivation.
I call them up and they supply a fix, only for another week later to have it pop up again.

I actually had an Indian fellow cop an attitude with me on the phone!
on Jul 08, 2005
Just in case
on Jul 08, 2005
they'll work to resolve conflicts such as this

Hopefully, but I'm willing to bet since the update resolved they will ignore it since they didn't cause it.

Had no probs with NAV & NPF (both 2003)- then I decided to upgrade to NIS 2005 - after 5 days of following their help bulletins and using 3-4 of their cleanup tools, it still would not install (& wiped out my 2003 av and firewall) . I did gets lots of practice with regedit - went and bought trendmicro and will be doing a letter of destruction with norton .
on Jul 08, 2005
although I am a complete computer idiot, I use system suite 5, it has trend anti virus, no probs for 3 years I updated from system suite 4,, the fire wall is net defense, it cost 89. dollars and has many many handy tools installed.
on Jul 08, 2005

I'm currently about an hour into a clean install. All to get rid of Norton Internet Security 2005. I've been sick of ccapp.exe not responding on shutdown, despite repeated claims the problem had been solved in an update, NIS itself sometimes not starting on boot, requiring a re-boot. And then finally, an uninstall of NIS2005 stopping my internet connection working.

Currently I'm using Norton Personal Firewall 2002. Old, but it works without aggro. NIS2005 will be going in the bin

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