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April 22, 2008 by starkers
Hadn't been into XP for a while on my Vista dual boot, so thought I'd go in and update everything, etc. All beganwell enough, Windows Upadates downloaded OK, but they just refuse to install no matter what I do. Even a repair install of XP (Pro SP2) did not resolve the issue. Event Viewer shows these error reports: Event ID: 1001... Fault Bucket 00733296. Event ID: 1000... Fault Application drwtsn 32exe. version 5. 1.200.0 faulting module dgbhelp.dll version 2600.2180 fault addre...
April 20, 2008 by starkers
I recently got myself the AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid+FM Volar H.264 and am extremely happy with it indeed... very much so, in fact.... and for 95.00 Oz dollars it's a bargain, as compared to PCI internal versions, which all cost more and are a pain in the arse to install.

It caters for Analog and digital TV, plus FM radio and video input from your VCR, DVD or CamCorder to record your home movies etc.  OK, other tuner cards may also offer these features, but what's so great about this little...
April 6, 2008 by starkers
Well, XP might just be on its last legs after all... according to this PC User article.

It seems sales of XP will cease as of June 08, except for very low end laptops, etc.... and while it may not be too popular with many, it would seem MS resources are to be focussed on the future/new technology, rather than old OSes it deems to have passed their use by date.
December 26, 2007 by starkers
Yeah, was out earlier and noticed my fav puter store was open....huh, on Boxing Day??? Well I went in to wish Pat, the owner, a great day and a happy New Year if I didn't get to see him beforehand, etc, etc.

Well, as always, the conversation gravitated towards computers and etc... and the next thing I know I'm walking out with a new ViewSonic 19' LCD monitor for AU$250. I think Pat was just as surprised as I was... he was showing/telling me about this new Gigabyte mobo that'd go perfectly ...
December 23, 2007 by starkers
Took my Vista/XP Pro dual boot rig into the shop for some general maintenance... to delete a pesky boot entry for XP Home that no longer resides on my machine. Should have been a simple and uncomplicated procedure, right?

Wrong! It came back totally screwed. At first boot, Vista booted up but was slow and unresponsive...ah, a repair install would remedy that, so I thought. Wrong again...the install disc would only go so far and I'd get a BSOD.

Orright then, I'll boot into XP a...
June 26, 2007 by starkers
Yeah, I was in XP on my dual boot machine doing some recording from a couple of old LP's, and when I tried rebooting into Vista again it was no go, wouldn't start. All I got was the boot screen for several minutes, so I did a forced shutdown and unplugged the power to reset everything. Vista restarted but several apps were acting up....Windowblinds wouldn't load and Winstep Xtreme was saying my subscription was prematurely up. Uhhhh!!!!

First thing I tried was uninstalling and reinstall...
December 9, 2006 by starkers
As some of you may be aware, me missus has just started out making wallpapers, and eventually would like to expand her horizons into skinning as well....when she becomes more accustomed to the programs/software, etc.

Anyhow, being that many here prefer Photoshop, we looked at Adobe's site last night to check out prices, version availability and so on. Well at $1200+ Oz, Photoshop CS2 is well out of our price range, and will be for quite some time, so we were looking at Photoshop Elements for...
December 8, 2006 by starkers
Orright, so I got all these audio tapes of really old music you just can't buy on CD, and I wanna covert them to discs that'll play on my Okay, so I got all the gear to do that, and my audio capture saves as wav files by if I save the required tracks as wav files, would the resulting CD play on a standard stereo system?

Told you it was a simple question, and I'm sure there's a simple answer, for which a simple web search was performed, but my poor simple mind couldn't ma...
May 18, 2006 by starkers
Some people think of the darndest things. I wouldn't have thought it possible to access anything else during a clean install of XP, but these guys have managed to play pinball and so much more....even to connecting to the net and posting on a forum.

In the end it became a competition to see who could perform the most complex trick during setup.....quite an interesting read.
April 25, 2006 by starkers
Microsoft has announced that the upcoming Vista OS will never be compatible to boot on Intel Macs. Although Microsoft had earlier stated that Vista would support EFI booting, which the new Intel Mac's run on, the decicion is based on the limited availability of EFI ready machines.

April 7, 2006 by starkers
I've read that it's okay to install Stardock products on more than one PC if they're owned by you, but I've not seen anything about installing them on a second OS on the same PC and wonder if it's also permissible?

I run XP Pro as my main OS for every day stuff, but have XP home as my secondary to install and run games so I'm not cluttering or overbloating my main OS. However, it pains my wife and I to go from a customised setup of the first to the XP default of the second, so it would be ...
March 29, 2006 by starkers
I recently installed The Avast Anti-virus proggy and wondered why it seemed to be taking an extraordinary amount of time to complete the scan of my system, so maximized the window to watch what was happening. What I discovered was that it was scanning files that I had deleted some time ago. In the case of one HD that had been transferred from my previous system and had an OS installed, I noticed Avast was scanning old system files and recycled items that were no long longer visible, in use.
February 17, 2006 by starkers
I have 3 HD's in my PC, but an 80 gig SATA drive just stopped showing up in 'my computer' and does not show in the BIOS settings either, just wondering if its dead or not..or if somethinmg's amiss in my MBR, etc.
in the Events Log, there's an entry saying: "Source sr> Error Event ID 1...The system restore filter encountered the error '0xC00000243' while processing the file Savrt on the volume Harddisk volume 1. It has stopped monitoring the volume."
It does not appear in Bios settings either...
November 13, 2005 by starkers
I just found this article on Google by The register Link and thought I'd share it here.....and I was beginning to think I was alone. It's so comforting to know somebody else shares my opinion.....I'm gonna sleep so much better tonight now
September 17, 2005 by starkers
My wife has friends with whom she keeps in touch on yahoo messenger, which is all well and good....if ever she can get me out of WC long enough Seriously though, we downloaded the most recent version, as recommended, but when it's installed our system goes into safe mode, making it rather difficult to read anything on the screen. We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling without success, with no response from yahoo in days now, and wonder if anyone here has any ideas as to resolving this...