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how it compares to PSP for wall/skin graphics creation.
Published on December 9, 2006 By starkers In OS Customization
As some of you may be aware, me missus has just started out making wallpapers, and eventually would like to expand her horizons into skinning as well....when she becomes more accustomed to the programs/software, etc.

Anyhow, being that many here prefer Photoshop, we looked at Adobe's site last night to check out prices, version availability and so on. Well at $1200+ Oz, Photoshop CS2 is well out of our price range, and will be for quite some time, so we were looking at Photoshop Elements for around $200 AUD instead. It seems to be similar to PSP in what it can do, but we're not too sure if it'd fit the bill for what she's wanting to do.

If anyone can enlighten us as to its abilities, functions and etc, we'd appreciate the input cos we'd rather purchase on the advice of the good people here than go in blindly and get something that's not up to par.

We tried an onsite search for earlier versions of Photoshop full at a lesser price, and there were references to Photoshop 5.5, but it seemed this is no longer available via Adobe., Perhaps that's another option if anyone knows of where we could obtain one.... legally of course, and preferably not through Ebay. Apart from not wanting to buy sight unseen, I'm extremely hesitant, given the frequency of pirated software being sold via Ebay by unscrupulous traders.

Another thought, being that we've already checked local stores for earlier versions and only finding CS2 or PSP 9....nothing prior, maybe someone here has a spare copy of Photoshop 5.5 (or similar) they no longer need and could sell to us at a reasonable price. Just not too sure about the legalities, whether the license/registration is transferrable or not. Questions.questions....and hopefully someone here can answer them.

Thanks for your time....TIA for any avice/assistance you may be able to offer, starkers.

on Dec 09, 2006

I have used both PSP and Photoshop Elements 4.  Both are great products, and I have "skinned" using both.  It's really hard for me to recommend one over the other, because both are great, but since I have always preferred Adobe products, Elements was the one I was the most comfortable with. 

Both are relatively inexpensive, and usually easily upgradeable when the next version comes out.  You can download a trial for both and see which ones are better for your use.  I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either one. 

on Dec 10, 2006
Thanks for that, ID, being that we're noobs and unfamiliar with the name we weren't too sure if Photoshop Elements was the right tool for the job, given the Adobe site didn't provide a complete description.....and then it gets all the more confusing when so many skinners speak about Photoshop CS2 as being "the only" tool of choice for the complete skinner/artist. I suppose, too, we were looking for a Photoshop version number: ie, 5.5 or 6.0, so when we saw Photoshop Elements instead of, it didn't really click that it is the same program with a new name. Just goes to show, hey, we need to get out more often and keep abreast of things.

Actually, we already have PSP sister gave it to me last Christmas because she didn't like it and got herself MS' Digital Image Pro 9 instead. I'd like to be able to get her Photoshop Elements for Christmas, but the cost of moving next Feb prohibits that and PSP 8 is going to have to do until much later next year.

Oh well, not to worry, it was more a plan ahead/tentative enquiry than a 'we want it now' thing, but at least now we have some idea. Also, it seems that Photoshop CS2 is more for professional use and probably more than we'll ever need or use anyway.

Aha, I've got it now! Seeing as I've not met with a lot of success trying to use PSP, I'll wait 'til the missus has got a better hang of it all and get meself lessons from her...being I don't follow tutorials too well.

Update as I type....the missus just downloaded a trial of Photoshop CS2 to see how she likes it, and I guess it'll give her a feel for Adobe products, but she's gonna have to make do with Elements when the time comes we can afford it, cos S1200 + AUD is well out of our league.

on Dec 10, 2006
Starkers, I use PSP 8 AND Photoshop when I do skins. I find each program does something the other one doesn't. When I first started skinning, I used PSP 8 exclusively. Then, I got Photoshop elements, then Photoshop. (They were gifts from my son). If you already have PSP, Photoshop elements probably would be all you need. I find photoshop is much better at gradients and beveling than PSP. What I do, is make my initial image in photoshop and do the after-work in psp.
on Dec 10, 2006
Thank you, Jazzy, that pretty much answers the question, we'll get Photshop Elements to compliment PSP 8, then. Having seen and downloaded quite a few of your skins, I'm confident you've advised us well.

I think another thing on the Adobe site which complicated things was the: "Before you download this, check out this...." and the link would go to another similar but more expensive program with added features, and then it'd do the same again and again, until we got to the Photoshop Premium package at nearly $1700 US, meaning it'd be well over $2000 AUD and well beyond our budget. I guess it was determining what would meet our needs as to was available within our budget, then wading through all the tech speak and sales pitches offering discount on this and that if you buy this bigger and better thing you don't really need but will look real cool on your puter.

Well I've learned one thing....listen not to the toolmaker who makes the spanner, but to the experience of the mechanic who has become an exponent it its use .....'tis far less confusing.

on Dec 10, 2006
Starkers, thank you for the vote of confidence in me! Keep in mind that Photoshop has a big learning curve, at least it did for me! But, I was coming from using PSP for about 10 years exclusively. The good thing is that there are a lot of tutorials out there for Photoshop...some of them will work with Photoshop Elements too.

Tell your wife that there is a lot of help out there....all she has to do is ask! If I can help, just let me know! You better watch out, though, she may get addicted to!
on Dec 10, 2006
Photoshop has a big learning curve,

you ain't just a woofing.

I can't do anything anyway, but I find PSP8 much easier to figure out at least getting close to what I want to do. Employer gave me PS at my work comp last week and it's a bear.

I also have PS Elements 3 - picked it up real cheap at Walmart.
on Dec 10, 2006
I purchased a Graphire4 wacom tablet and a full version of Photoshop Elements came bundled with it. The tablet cost me about $80 and really makes working with graphics much easier.
on Dec 10, 2006
What helped me learn photoshop was doing a bunch of tutorials. I screwed so many things up in the beginning, but the tutorials were a big help in figuring out how this program works! I will never give up PSP (I have version 8 also). There are some things I can do better and faster with PSP.   
on Dec 11, 2006
Starkers, thank you for the vote of confidence in me!

You're more than welcome, given the praise is well deserved.

You better watch out, though, she may get addicted to!

Too late....don't see her screen without PSP on it, the trial version of Photoshop, with ArtRage2 down on the taskbar, nextdoor to and Bryce 5, etc, etc.

Also, thanks for the advice and offers of assistance, we appreciate it a lot. That's what is so great about the skinning many people are only too willing to lend a hand, their support and encouragement....

Given the positive responses Shaunna has received at DA and Skinnalicious towards her wallpapers, I'm sure she'll get on just great in the wider community as she broadens her horizons into other forms/sites as well.....being that bootskins and logons are already on the agenda.

on Dec 11, 2006
Starkers , could you post your wifes DA link...I've seen it mentioned in forums but I don't know her user id at DA, I'd like to look at her work
on Dec 11, 2006
Photoshop is by far better with gradients. It is hard to get smooth gradients with PSP (any version).

on Dec 11, 2006
Hi Fairy here is the link WWW Link,I thought that I would answer as starkers is in bed.
on Dec 11, 2006
Rather than quoteing everyone I will say a huge thank you in this reply, you have all helped in ways that I can't say thank you enough your support, means alot to me thanks again. Also a big thanks to Zubas for helping me with a sub this means so much to me and I do appreciate the help people have given, and hopfuly I will be up and running with a sub on wednesday hugs to everyone
on Dec 11, 2006
Hi Fairy here is the link WWW Link,I thought that I would answer as starkers is in bed

Thanks mrs S ..I couldnt find my way back here until now , but the link is to DA main page , I'm looking for your DA site
on Dec 11, 2006
Sorry about that Fairyy~, here it is WWW Link