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Published on May 12, 2008 By starkers In OS Customization
I've been using the much easier to use IconPackager and really love it, but I'd love it even more (pretty please, Stardock) if we could have the option to apply additional desktop icons to shortcuts for various programs/apps, etc.... something akin to the option to add or remove file types. 

OK, so I'm getting lazy in my old age, but yeah, it would great if IP could do this when changing themes, rather than users having to manually change icons for desktop shortcuts.

Pretty please, Stardock...  
on May 12, 2008
on May 12, 2008
Sounds good to me   
on May 12, 2008

Sounds good to me

I knew that I wasn't alone.... well at least I hoped I wasn't.

OK, that's 3 of us, but there'd be others (lots of them (thousands even) I'm sure) who'd love to have this feature in Iconpackager. So PLEEEEASE, PLEEEEASE, Mr Stardock, can we please have it?

Yeah, I know... that reads like a lot of kiss arse, but it's not just for me. I mean, it would really enhance users customization/desktop experience with fuller, more complete IP sets that could cover any app/shortcut desired. OK, I wasn't entirely honest!! It IS for me....

I recently put together a pirate themed Iconpackage, mostly from images I cut/cropped from some of my old photos, and I'd dearly love for the ability in IP to assign specific icons to the various desktop shortcuts they were made for.

I've also begun a Medieval themed pack and have plans in the nearish future to do other historical type themes; ie, Roman and Egyptian, etc, so it's an IP feature that I (and I'm sure other skinners) would find most useful.

*** To anyone who may be interested in the pirate IP... sorry, but I'm unable to upload/share it at this time. Although the icons are largely my own, some have been borrowed to complete the set (folder & file icons), so it must remain for my personal use until I have become more confident/proficient with PSP and graphics creation to make it fully my own. However, I shall upload some individual icons from the set to see how they go... if all goes well/they're well received, I'll submit a couple of packs, for both individual and dock icons ***
on May 12, 2008
And for that matter, be able to pull icons from one package to be applied with another.(mixn'match)As it is now, I have to copy the icon set I want to use from app data to documents/stardock/objectdock library/unsorted downloads. to access and change with the Vista RC menu. It goes to c:/program files/stardock/iconpackager/themes which won't get individual icons,only an IP file It doesn't even show all the packages.Or am I doing this all wrong?  
on May 13, 2008
Or am I doing this all wrong?

What I do is save packages as individual icons in my IP folder(can be done in IP Settings), so that when I want to use alternative icons they show up individually when clicking on the relevant pack in the package listing on the left of the 'change icon' window.

What would also be good is the ability to manually drag and drop icons from the desktop or open folder onto the 'change icon' window... something similar to how shortcuts can be dragged onto ObjectDock.

on May 14, 2008
on May 14, 2008
Something like this,that works with Vista would be sweet, starkers. I can't get it to work at all though,could be me.WWW LinkMaybe I'll ask SirSmiley for an update.
on May 15, 2008
Something like this,

Yeah, something like that... where the desired icon can be manually dragged/dropped onto the IP 'change icon' dialog.... would save having to scroll through various folders/drives to get it.

I dual boot Vista and XP... will get back to you after I check out SirSmiley's gadget to see if/how it works for me.

Hopefully, someone from Stardock will get back to us (in the affirmative) regarding these feature requests.
on May 28, 2008

I know there are some activation issues for some that are being addressed, and obviously these must take priority, but it would be nice to hear from somebody in the IP dev team as to whether or not these requested features could be on the drawing board for future updates.

I mean, I'm not complaining or anything, cos IP4 is the best edition yet (despite complaints from some quarters about the pre-school interface) and I'm enjoying using it. However, the requested features would help greatly with my carpal tunnel - RSI from repetitive scrolling to access the desired icon - and my arthritic knuckles, etc.

Orright!! You want the truth?? OK, but can you handle the truth?? Very well... I'm just getting plain damn lazy in my old age and I like... er, want the simplification of every darned thing and greater ease of use.