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Published on April 20, 2008 By starkers In Personal Computing
I recently got myself the AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid+FM Volar H.264 and am extremely happy with it indeed... very much so, in fact.... and for 95.00 Oz dollars it's a bargain, as compared to PCI internal versions, which all cost more and are a pain in the arse to install.

It caters for Analog and digital TV, plus FM radio and video input from your VCR, DVD or CamCorder to record your home movies etc.  OK, other tuner cards may also offer these features, but what's so great about this little beauty is its ease of installation and portability, being that it's USB, fits in the palm of your hand, and can go anywhere with you.

Setup couldn't be simpler... you just plug in the device, connect to a cable or antenna, plug in your external device, load the drivers and configure the software.  Voila, you have TV, FM radio and video recording at your fingertips!  I've been running it for just over a week now and can't fault it.

Oh, and it's compatible with 32 & 64 bit systems and comes with remote control; TV & FM antennas; USB extender cable for convenient placement; S Video/composite connections for your external devices. 

For more info, see external link.  

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