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February 5, 2017 by starkers
Well the title say it all, I just found a portable apps manager in Liberkey and I'm finding quite useful indeed.  Not only does it keep all the apps handy in the one place, I've been able to uninstall several similar/equivelant programs to save space on my SSD, being the Liberkey versions tend to have a smaller footprint.

The program is similar to Nirsoft's app manager, but I like Liberkey better.  Now for those of you who don't know about Liberkey, take a look here ...
November 8, 2016 by starkers
Just when I thought I'd overcome the keyboard and mouse issues that came with Windows Update, Microsux goes a messes thing up again... and not through regular Windows Update... this time.

Last night I was working on some video conversions when all of a sudden my machine BEGINS TO REBOOT: ''Working on Updates.  Do Not Turn Off Your Machine''

Like WTF? Windows Update is disabled.  No, it was done through Scheduled Maintenance which was running in the background ...
October 23, 2016 by starkers
Okay, just kidding.  Stardock can't do/think of everything; however, this nifty little tool from Nurgo Software is pretty cool.... not to mention somewhat useful.

Yup, TidyTabs adds tabbed browsing to Windows Explorer and programs such as Word, Notepad and others.

While the program does detect tabbable programs, there is a whitelist and blacklist to either add your own or remove those you don't need or use.

I got is earlier and am quite chuffed at how useful it is.... havin...
October 1, 2016 by starkers
In the early days I made it quite clear that I did not like Win 10 and that I'd stick with Win 8.1 because it is fast, stable and reliable.  In fact, I'm still using 8.1 on my main rig and am happy with the choice to remain with it.  However, I have Win 10 0n my HP 2-in1 and like it much better now that I've tweaked it to suit my likes and needs.  In some cases I used 3rd-party apps to achieve the desired result, but often times I could adjust things in 'Settings&#...
June 4, 2015 by starkers
Well my CoolerMaster Cosmos II, ASUS Maximus VII Hero mobo and CPU cooler have arrived... at long fechen last.

Oops, I did say rant off, didn't I?   Still, I waited long enough... and maybe there's a little residual frustration lingering.

Anyway, I unpacked the Cosmos II.... and what a beastie it is, too!  I thought the Thermaltake Level 10 was a beastie, but this beastie beats that beastie by quite a bit.  It's fechen huge!  Put it this way, and not ...
May 20, 2015 by starkers
I hadn't planned to make any more tech purchases once I'd gotten my CoolerMaster Cosmos II and a Z97 motherboard to upgrade my i7 4790K rig, but plans do not always go to plan, as I found out yesterday, now.

So there I was, trawling through price comparison pages for PC tech, as you do, when I spied this ASUS ROG Mars 760 Dual GPU graphcs card going for an unusually low price... and better still, the place selling it is just 20 minutes away by bus.

Anyway, to cut a long story short...
May 7, 2015 by starkers
Just as the title says, AMD is claiming that its upcoming Zen processor, which will be based on 14nm process tecnology, will compete with the best Intel can produce.  To be honest, I really hope so. 

While my main machine is currently Intel based, I have run several AMD machines over the years and hope the company can again become competitive because I have been happy with its products and would rather see it remain a force in the tech world than fold, as some journalists/tech comme...
February 26, 2015 by starkers
As the title says, Firefox now comes with a 64 bit version.

For those who are interested.... here's more, plus links to the downloads.

Happy sailing and don't fergit yer Sou'westers.
December 5, 2014 by starkers
I really wanted to take a shot at Google today but couldn't find anything newsworthy or damning.

However, I found the next best thing...  a damning indictment on Apple... something it oughta be fechin' ashamed of but instead is defending.

Yup, the mother-whats-its [insert expletive here] created software to delete competitors music purchased by users from their iPods and other fechen i devices.

Despicable ain't the word for it!  Try downright fechen criminal.....
December 5, 2014 by starkers
So the last few months haven't been the greatest and I needed a bit of cheering up.... and what better to do that than a new device that blows yer old one outta the water!!

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I got me a HP Envy x2 13" Touchscreen Laptop to fill in while I'm between addresses and can't set up my main PCs the way I'd like.  Put bluntly, I don't have the room, and this little laptop-come tablet pretty much handles what I need to do for now. 

More to th...
July 25, 2014 by starkers
I've been waiting for the beginning of the end for some time now, and some tech analyst who reckons Apple could be obsolete inside 3 years has raised my hopes some.

Id love for it to be true... and all those Mac fanbois booking themseves into rehab to deal with the wthdrawal symptoms.

Dunno about 12 months, even!  6 would be nice but probably too much to expect.  The asylums wouldn't be anywhere near prepared for such an immediate influx of lost souls craving the next iSo...
March 25, 2013 by starkers
Okay, so my line in and router is downstairs where our main PCs are, and I want to connect various devices to a wired connection upstairs. Thing is, networking is not my thing and I'm not sure how to go about it.  I did a search and got a whole lot of gobbledygook I could make neither head nor tail of...and pages of sites wanting to sell me shit.  Maybe I wasn't asking the right questions.

Anyway, I have an ethernet cable running from the router to upstairs and a net enabled...
March 20, 2013 by starkers
As the title suggests, I have begun upgrading again.  However, being that the guts of my rig perform more than satisfactorily and it's fast as well as reliable, I'm upgrading some addons to extend its use and/or make it more enjoyable.

First on the list is this.... a LG E2742V-BN 27" LED monitor.

I decided to replace the 32" TV I'm using as a monitor with this because i/we could use an extra TV upstairs and I don't want to sacrifice in screen size too much... and t...
February 22, 2013 by starkers
Okay people, so I get a newsletter from an online shopping establishment I've done business with in the past, and this just grabbed my immediate attention... a pen device that turns your regular Windows 8 notebook into a 'Touch' screen device.  All you do is connect the USB transmitter/receiver and the pen works wirelessly.  Bloody brilliant!!!  For more info, check it out here and here and here

Hmmm, I'm thinking I'd like one of these.  For 99 bucks, n...
February 5, 2013 by starkers
As the title suggests, Nokia is looking to Windows tablets as its next venture, which seems a natural progression after the renowned phone maker teamed with Microsoft to release the first Windows 8 phone.  The Nokia CEO was speaking in Sydney Australia about this development today, February 5... see more here.

Hmmm, this certainly is interesting, particularly for Nokia Lumia owners who are looking to purchase a tablet in the near future.  I was looking at purchasing a Surface by Mic...