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Published on November 7, 2020 By starkers In Current Events

Now that he has lost his primary employment and source of income, it has been rumoured that Donald Trump has approached a world-wide hair transplant company for a new job.  Being the proud wearer of a thatched roof for some decades, and having spent hundreds of thousands on hair care, the executives at A&M may consider him for an ambassadorial role with the company.

However, prior to signing him up, they may demand he either ditches his Twitter account or stops posting outrageous tweets about fake news and conspiracy theories about Democrats stealing his hopes and dreams, his seat in the Oval Office.

Other places he may try for a new position would be tabloids that print articles with little or no proof, you know, those outrageous stories that do not back up the claims with any kind of evidence.  After all, Donald has gained considerable experience in such matters with those crazy posts through his Twitter accounts.

Alternatively, he may even leave the US entirely and go someplace where nobody knows or would recognise him.  All he'd have to do is remove his hairpieces and wipe that orange hue off his face.  He could go pretty much incognito anywhere after that.... maybe even hide out in the Kremlin and teach Putin a thing or two about tweeting.  I mean, it wouldn't be about politics, now would it!!!



Disclaimer: I support neither the Democrats or Republicans.  This is intended to be a tounge-in-cheek post and is NOT intended to offend anyone.  Okay!!!!!




on Nov 09, 2020

Wot, nobody got a sense of humour 'round 'ere?

The post was not intended to be political or offensive.

It is wot it is, tho....Stardock forums are dying in the arse and nobody seems to give a fech.

Oh well, I need a vacation anyhow.

on Nov 10, 2020

Starkers....political threads are pretty much a non event ....just look at Iben's monologues .... only respondents are spam....only watcher is me....catching spammers. ..☺

on Nov 10, 2020

Thing is, the post isn't political.  Rather it is a tongue-in-cheek thing about the man himself.