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mobo gave up the ghost
Published on June 14, 2020 By starkers In Personal Computing

I'm not having much luck with computers just lately.  My Big Beastie with the Ryzen Threadripper X2920 suddenly died and I had to take it into a techie to find out how and why.... being I have no diagnostic tools to speak of.  It turns out that the mobo just up and died on me.  Geez, it's not even 6 months old and it retired itself.

Anyhow, that wasn't the end of it and I got some good news.  The techie sent it back to MSI and they promptly replaced it without question.  Apparently there were a few others suffering the same fate.... a faulty BIOS or something.  I should receive the replacement in the next couple of days, after which I shall take it into the techie to rebuild the machine for me.  My hands aren't as good as they used to be, arthritis 'n all, and I don't enjoy building PCs like I used to.

The other issue was a brand new power supply that just stopped working.  I installed it in my Ryzen 9 machine and I managed to set up the OS and programs without issue, but when I tried to reboot the following morning there was no power.  I tried another lower powered PSU and the machine booted okay, so it wasn't the build itself, just the PSU.  It is now on its way back to the seller to be replaced.  Hopefully that doesn't take too long, being shipping and deliveries are often delayed in this age of Corona virus.

Oh well, all's well that ends well.

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on Sep 16, 2020

I don't really do any serious gaming, just stuff like the Myst series now and then, though I've not played it in a while.  I've been too busy trying to catch up on life's chores and reorganising my music and video files into Big Beastie's rearranged storage setup.

Hopefully today the MSI X399 Creation turns up at the store I first purchased the X399 SLI Plus from.  The guys there have gone over and beyond to assist me in my woes with it's eventual replacement.  If so I should see it early next week.

on Sep 18, 2020

Well the 17th has come and gone but my X399 Creation mobo has not arrived at the point of purchase as first promised.  The delivery date has now been pushed back to September 30th.  I'm totally pissed off because the X399 SLI Plus has again died in the arse. 

This is now the 4th SLI Plus that has failed on me.  It worked okay for a short while but has done what the original X399 purchase did, remains on 00 in the LED error screen at attempted boot.  Well no more effing around with it, I will be seeking a full refund on what clearly was not a brand new replacement.  I may have to seek an ASUS Prime X399 board as an alternative, not that I'm overly keen on ASUS boards after 3 going guts up on me before.


on Oct 05, 2020

Well the MSI X399 Creation board turned up yesterday and I'm collecting everything together so that the techie can rebuild Big Beastie.

As for the motherboard's up and dying woes, it turns out the cause was the PSU... a 1200w Coolermaster Gold Plus.  The reason it wasn't detected before is that the PSU would spike intermittently without warning and 'short' the board.  Luckily, the techie discovered it and I shall get a replacement PSU.


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