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mobo gave up the ghost
Published on June 14, 2020 By starkers In Personal Computing

I'm not having much luck with computers just lately.  My Big Beastie with the Ryzen Threadripper X2920 suddenly died and I had to take it into a techie to find out how and why.... being I have no diagnostic tools to speak of.  It turns out that the mobo just up and died on me.  Geez, it's not even 6 months old and it retired itself.

Anyhow, that wasn't the end of it and I got some good news.  The techie sent it back to MSI and they promptly replaced it without question.  Apparently there were a few others suffering the same fate.... a faulty BIOS or something.  I should receive the replacement in the next couple of days, after which I shall take it into the techie to rebuild the machine for me.  My hands aren't as good as they used to be, arthritis 'n all, and I don't enjoy building PCs like I used to.

The other issue was a brand new power supply that just stopped working.  I installed it in my Ryzen 9 machine and I managed to set up the OS and programs without issue, but when I tried to reboot the following morning there was no power.  I tried another lower powered PSU and the machine booted okay, so it wasn't the build itself, just the PSU.  It is now on its way back to the seller to be replaced.  Hopefully that doesn't take too long, being shipping and deliveries are often delayed in this age of Corona virus.

Oh well, all's well that ends well.

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on Jun 29, 2020

1 just go with ASUS.... they are one of the best....

I was doing that .... until two motherboards died one after the other.  I just wasn't ready to go down that road again.


2 once you build up a machine.....don't fuck with it. Every time you poke and prod....relocate are increasing likelihood of damaging.....something.

I didn't fuck with it.  All I did was move the CPU's cooler radiator and fans to get better airflow.   When that didn't turn out as hoped, I restored it to it's original position, booted up and installed some updates and software. Nothing essential to the machine's ability to run was touched or altered and it ran for 4 - 5 hours without issue... it was only after the reboot to complete those installations that things went awry.

Once that had occurred I did swap out the Threadripper setup and installed it in the Cosmos II case with better airflow and cooling, thus leaving the more recent CoolerMaster case free to house the Ryzen 9 setup now in it.

on Jun 29, 2020


Newegg has TR4 boards It's a shame that it will cost you double the price to order one from the US.

Actually, it wouldn't quite be twice the price to order one from the States, but that's not my concern right now.  As the Corona virus has caused delays in shipping and I could be waiting months and months on end  In fact, even large and small stores are having issues getting new stock.  When looking at many Aussie based PC stores, their 'shelves' are near empty.

on Jun 29, 2020


Once that had occurred I did swap out the Threadripper setup and installed it in the Cosmos II case

And that's not 'fucking with it'?

As I it once and build it right.  All this relocating into other cases means pulling apart things that don't need it.  A computer is not a Meccano set, it's a system build - once built it is built-done-finito-finished.

I'd blame my P4P-800 failure to 'being messed with'.  Its replacement is still working [it's ancient] dates to 2002.

The 'upgrade' was a whole new build, box-up and that P6T-SE Terry still uses everyday [working from home].

Its 'upgrade' is the X99 Deluxe I'm still running 24/7/365  [my beast].....dates to 2015....and that one had to survive the trip to Ballaarat.

They're all ASUS - even the Graphics are too, and the monitors...

on Jul 01, 2020

And that's not 'fucking with it'?

No, the motherboard died before I swapped cases.... and relocating the water cooler radiator and fans earlier did not interfere with any essential/working parts of the system itself.  As I stated earlier, it was a known issue with that particular model MSI board.  Nothing I did caused that. 

Besides, I have successfully upgraded several PCs of my own and several for others.  I've been in and out of various computers over the years to upgrade and such, with very few, if any issues.  I did have issues with an ASUS build, though, but again it was a known issue with the ROG motherboard I used.  ASUS replaced the original board with another and it too failed after a week or so of use.  Again, ASUS replaced the board, but this time with a more expensive ROG Crosshair Extreme instead.  I rebuilt the machine with that and it has been running without issue ever since.... about 18 months or more.

That, however, does not sway my feelings regarding ASUS motherboards.  Like you though, I have purchased several ASUS graphics cards and find them okay.

on Jul 01, 2020

It look like your having trouble with msi too.

on Jul 01, 2020

Yeah, I am disappointed with MSI and its handling of my RTM.  The store I purchased the board from is helping me to gain a satisfactory outcome to my case, and hopefully it is resolved quickly so I can get back to using my primary PC.

on Jul 18, 2020

I dunno, can't take a friggin' trick just lately.... my 3rd piece of hardware in a couple of months died a week ago

And that's not 'fucking with it'?

As I it once and build it right.

I had to fuck with my AMD FX machine last week .... the PSU gave up the ghost and died.  It was less than a month old so I took it out and RTM-ed the sucker.  Well I got its replacement earlier today [that was quick] ... a brand new one still in its original shrink-wrapped packing.  Anyhow, it is now fully installed and running like a dream.

on Aug 05, 2020

Well some good news on the mobo front.... not only do I get a brand new board, I'm getting an upgrade to a better, more feature packed replacement: the MSI MEG X399 Creation. It comes with a PCIE M.2 expansion card that holds 4 M.2 SSDs that can all be linked via the in-built RAID arrays.  Yup, installing Windows on a x4 SSD RAID array should give it a bit of zip.  Also, Big Beastie gets a RAM upgrade, from 64GB to 128GB

Hopefully the mobo arrives early next week so's I can get it into the techie to rebuild Big Beastie.  I have so missed it and was suffering separation anxiety..... as if I needed another pill to calm me down.

on Aug 05, 2020

Big beastie seems to be getting bigger...

on Aug 05, 2020

Big beastie seems to be getting bigger...

Yeah, sure is, but then I always planned to upgrade the RAM, and I might just as well get it installed while the techie is doing the rebuild.  I'm so looking forward to it being in working order again.... putting it through its paces with the additional RAM and the OS running off the RAID array utilising four 240GB SSDs.   Yup, Big Beastie will absolutely fly along.

It will definitely be my last build, though.  There will always be bigger and better tech coming out, but I'm more than satisfied with what I've got.  Besides, the 3rd gen Threadripper CPUs and motherboards are way more expensive than I can afford, and the 4th gens will likely be even less affordable.

on Aug 29, 2020

Still haven't got Big Beastie back.... GRRR!!!!!.  Damned Corona virus has interfered with the MSI MEG X399 Creation's arrival and now it isn't expected until September 17.  Damn, sod and Bugger it, though I did get an unexpected turn of events when the original MSI X399 SLI Plus was returned via the place of purchase in working order.  According to them, I'll still get the other board as well.  Apparently it's to compensate me for the inconvenience, the long delay and my costs to ship the original back and forth.

I don't know what I'll do with the original, though, being I'd prefer Big Beastie to run off the X399 Creation.  It's just a shame that I've got to wait another couple of weeks until it arrives.  Oh well, I suppose all's well that ends well.

on Aug 30, 2020

add another new rig?

on Aug 30, 2020


add another new rig?

As it is I have 5 rigs, don't know I want or need another.  Currently 3 are in use and one is being set up as a media centre, leaving the last fairly much redundant thus far.  I may even clean it up and sell it, yet.... or I could give it away to somebody deserving.

If I did add another rig I'd try save enough to purchase an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX, the most powerful of the 1st and 2nd gen Threadrippers to power the MSI Meg X399 Creation board.  Still, that's a long way off and I may set my sights a bit lower to settle for a 2920X or 2950X, depending on finances at the time. 

The Threadripper 3 series is far too costly for me, especially with having to purchase a TRX40 socket board to mount it on, but even the 2990WX may be well over budget, coming in at near 3 grand AUD per unit.  In any event, I would not be building it myself, not when the new techie I see is very good with very reasonable prices.

on Sep 01, 2020

Well I got Big Beastie back yesterday with the MSI X399 SLI Plus installed.  It's in great working order and is even faster than before, plus it isn't getting too hot, unlike the previous one.  It now has 128GB of RAM and boots in 20 - 25 seconds.

I would have posted the news yesterday but didn't have access to internet until an hour ago... and I don't do internet on a pokey little phone screen if I don't absolutely have to.  Anyway, I took it in without the add-in cards or HDDs to make it lighter to transport and work on, so now I will power off and attend to installing those very shortly.

on Sep 14, 2020

hot... heh. don't know if it was due to it being a very hot day or not (a while back), but i was playing watch dogs 2 (free from promotion)... and the machine screamed bloody murder about cpu overheating and rebooted itself...

safe to say.. uninstalled and not going to bother touching it again. never had that before with any game... or at least none screamed about cpu temp.

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