Someplace to stash my stuff
in the Coolermaster Cosmos II
Published on December 1, 2017 By starkers In Personal Computing

Couldn't wait 'til after Christmas, which apart from Christmas Dinner and Christmas Pud is just another day for me these days. We'll just have a quiet dinner and day here among ourselves, and maybe visit or get a visit from my sister.  Other than that it'll be fairly non-eventful, which suits me fine.

So anyway, I've been wanting to rebuild for a while now, and earlier this evening I decided to bite the bullet and order the parts I want:

Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VI/AMD Ryzen 1700 bundle with Wraith Spire cooler.

32Gb Kit of G-Skill RipJaws DDR$ 3000 RAM.

ASUS AMD Raedon RX 570 Strix OC 4Gb graphics card.

Sound Blaster ZxR sound card.

It all came to more than I was originally going to spend, but I poached the sound card from the Coolermaster Cosmos II rig to go into my Thermaltake Level 10 machine and decided upon the Soundblaster ZxR to replace it and up the ante with something that has more grunt.

I have all the other parts I require, PSU, SSDs, HDDs, etc.... plus a few PCIE expansion cards to add other options, such as a HD video capture card, additional SATA ports and USB 3/3.1 ports.

When the parts arrive I'll take pics and do a more comprehensive list, and once I've completed the rebuild some before and after pics.

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on Apr 04, 2018

Only got the castors fitted the night before last.... got some help from my son.  There were other delays, vertigo, other priorities, etc, but mostly I needed a bit of help.... lifting the big beast back up on the bench, etc. 

Another reason for the delay was the castors I'd hoped to use were not going to work as first hoped.  The shafts were just a tad short and the nuts to keep them in place would not have screwed down properly.  In the end I found 4 legs from a divan bed, which, with a bit of modification, will do the job just fine.

Oh, and no wonder this monster is heavy.  Apart from all the stuff I put in it, the top and bottom bars are not hollow pipe as I first thought. No, they're solid steel.  Took a bit of drilling for the holes for the castors, too, but we got there with a bit of effort and some profanities to speed the process along.

on Apr 16, 2018

Bollocks and double bollocks, with a couple of eff its and a damn and bugger it as well.

After getting everything set up and ready to go, it seems I have an error somewhere because the machine will not boot to Windows.  I thought it may have been due to a overclock preset I used in the BIOS, but no.  I reset the BIOS and got the BIOS page up to reset the drive/boot preferences, but then the BIOS hung on the same error as before, so it wasn't due to the overclocking.

I'm still awaiting a response from ASUS support as to what the problem may be, but I'm figuring on stripping the beast down and starting again pretty near from scratch.  One of the notices during the last BIOS post was that there was a CPU fan error, so I'm going to have to strip back pretty much everything to access the CPU and fan to check if there is an issue.

According to the last BIOS post, the CPU is being seen correctly and is operating at the correct speed, so I'm hoping if the problem is there that it's just a fan issue that can be easily fixed.  From there hopefully the machine will reboot and I can add each component one at a time to see if an issue arises.  Besides, not that I needed this setback, but now I have the accessories I was waiting on, the strip down will give me the opportunity to fix a few cabling issues I wasn't 100% happy with first time 'round.

Anyway, just to ease my annoyance, anger and frustration a little more.... Bollocks, eff it, damn and bugger it twice more.  I waited months to get all the parts and accessories, get the beast all together and ready to run, then this shit happens.  Like what computer god did I piss off and offend?  And why am I being punished when others use their computers to do bad, bad things?

Oh well, while I'm fixing it I won't be on the streets chasing wild women.      


on Apr 16, 2018


Oh well, while I'm fixing it I won't be on the streets chasing wild women.

Stay indoors and chase the tamed ones...

One issue with big/complex builds....more shit equals more shit to go wrong...

To a degree....think 'KISS'...

on Apr 16, 2018

Stay indoors and chase the tamed ones..

Won't make any difference.... I'm not likely to catch one, either way.   

One issue with big/complex builds....more shit equals more shit to go wrong...

Yeah, I know, but I'll get this one right once I locate the source of the error.  It's says 0d in the LCD display, but in the mobo manual it isn't in use and is reserved for a future error code, so that's of no help to me to track down the cause.  With a bit of luck it'll be an iffy CPU fan header connection or something simple like that.

Thing is, everything was ready to go, so it's a bit of a mystery as to why the machine booted several times then suddenly refused to do so.  Oh well, I'll get to the bottom of it later today [Tuesday]. 

on Apr 16, 2018

That happened to me recently (not booting up) come to find out one of the ram sticks went bad. I pulled one out it booted, put it back in and received errors and no boot.

on Apr 16, 2018


That happened to me recently (not booting up) come to find out one of the ram sticks went bad. I pulled one out it booted, put it back in and received errors and no boot.

I hope that's not the case here, but I will check that first just in case.  At this point I just want a quick and easy fix that doesn't require warranty claims on faulty parts.  Those things can take months to resolve sometimes, so I'd rather it's something I can easily remedy myself.

Unfortunately I'm struggling with vertigo today and not much will get done with this PC unless it eases up some.  It usually improves as the day goes on.... hopefully it does today and I can get some work done.  Damned vertigo, it ruins my resolve and desire to get things done.

on Apr 19, 2018

Damn, sod and bugger it!  I've been unable to fix this BIOS issue myself and I'm having to take the machine into the shop.... where people more experienced than I can have a go.  Hopefully it is just a matter of flashing the BIOS... when they can get into it.  The bloke at the shop seems to think that the BIOS somehow got corrupted and therefore will not post, thus not allowing the machine to boot.

Fortunately, it has been stripped back to the bare essentials so it's not as heavy.