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Published on February 26, 2015 By starkers In Personal Computing

As the title says, Firefox now comes with a 64 bit version.

For those who are interested.... here's more, plus links to the downloads.

Happy sailing and don't fergit yer Sou'westers.

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on Mar 04, 2015

At the first blush,I thought Moziila "finally" released 64 bit of browser as Chrome,then I clicked the link,read and realized it is just another patched Firefox as Waterfox ,Cyberfox or Nightly whatsoever build which why I said the title is misleading.    Personally,I couldn't not recommend them unless the users know what is it and have some knowledges to resolve the consequences instead of crying foul for bad installment.   

on Mar 04, 2015

The way I see it, Gaspers, is that ALL software is potentially a problem for someone, and in some cases morso than others, meaning that no software should ever be recommended to anyone for fear it'll mess up somebody's PC.

In fact, given how many problems can arise, it's probably best if 90% of PC users don't use one any more.

Oh, and why stop there?  I mean, how many motorist know how to fix a car if it breaks down/has issues?  Yup, we should probably lobby all the world governments to force 95% of motorists off the road... cos cars WILL break down, you know.

Like I said before, we can't hold every PC users hand or create "novice user" only aoftware.  Besides, if a user can figure out how to use a computer and manage its general workings, then a browser shouldn't be too hard to figure out, and Waterfox, Cyberfox and Nightly aren't the worst browsers out there... though IE comes to mind.

I have used both Cyberfox and Waterfox without issues and found both to be stable, easy to use browsers that get the job done, and I well imagine that Mozilla will release a pretty decent 64 bit version when the time comes

on Mar 04, 2015


Installé ce jour firefox  x64 béta fonctionne parfaitement pas de bugs .

Trés rapide moins de bugs que sur la version 36 x86

windowsblind fonctionne parfaitement


on Mar 04, 2015

I'm on Nightly x64 and have been for some time, with no stability issues on my end.

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