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cheats on Australian taxes
Published on March 5, 2014 By starkers In Personal Computing

Take a look here - - to see just how rotten Apple really is... hides billions to avoid taxes...


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on Mar 12, 2014

You'll find this interesting, if you haven't seen it already.

Yes, it is interesting, though quite expected.  While the OP was all about Apple because it is ripping off Australia, I had no doubt that companies like IBM and Microsoft were guilty of the same in the US, and that's what pisses me off.  So much more could be done to ease national debt and to benefit our nations as a whole, if only these corporations invested back into the relevant economies instead of hording trillions to themselves.

So while my original gripe was/is with Apple, I have no love for the other perpetrators who contribute to extremes in inequality regarding wealth, health and other life basics that so many poor people simply have to go without.

There is only one term for it: Extreme Greed at its very worst.

on Mar 20, 2014

Perhaps the root of the problem is the nature of the corporate enterprise.  Seems to me the requirement to maximize dividends each quarter to the exclusion of all other factors is actually enshrining one of the most negative aspects of human nature.  Selfishness, and disregard for the consequences of 'externaiities' on others is great for making lots of profits, but terrible for the neighbors. Whats legal, even whats required by some laws, does not make it moral.  Indeed, it might be considered evil.

on Mar 20, 2014

Whats legal, even whats required by some laws, does not make it moral. Indeed, it might be considered evil.

There's no might about it in my book... I consider the architects and perpetrators of these immoral and monetary crimes against humanity evil in the utmost.

For mine, there should be a Corporate Execution Committee that votes daily on which CEO, exec and banker deserves to die most, then line the bastards up against a wall at the end of the week and have a 7 gun salute to rid the world of the world's most heinous businessmen and women.  Nope, no mercy if they're female... the bitches wanted equality so let 'em have it with the same calibre shot the male variety gets.

First female to get it... Gina Rinehart.

First male to get it... Tim Cook.

Yeah, that's right, I'm in a pretty pissed off mood... if only, if only.

on Mar 21, 2014

Again, it's a matter of scale.  Personal thresholds for 'evil' vary wildly when it comes to money and 'fairness'.  That's why a political process is necessary to set societal thresholds.  If enough like-minded people elect similarly-minded representatives, the problem 'should' be addressed, not to the satisfaction of everyone, but the peak of the bell curve should at least be approximated.

Of course, if enough other-minded corporate officers and lobbyists throw enough cash at enough other-minded (corrupt) representatives, the peak of the curve can be severely distorted.  So our only recourse is to know and avoid, or successfully persuade, the 'other-minded' representatives.  It really is up to the political process to resolve - like any child or pet, a corporation will test limits and get away with whatever it's allowed to get away with.  In a certain sense, that's part of its 'job'.  And it's our job to push back through our political processes, assuming the will to do so is there.

on Mar 21, 2014

Shoot, just one comment after my suggesting a corporate firing squad... thought I'd have gotten a few bites for that one.

I don't actually advocate such a thing in a real sense, though... I mean, let's not stoop to a 'corporate' low.

on Mar 21, 2014

No. It can't go on forever. Eventually you'll hit a tipping point where we'd have hyperinflation. QE needs to be phased out.

People have been predicting hyperinflation ever since Obama got into office... there are no indications it will happen anytime soon as long as the U.S. is still stuck in a liquidity trap. Phasing out QE while the economy is still tepid would be disastrous.

The one I like to bitch about is that the US sends foreign aid to China! 

We stupidly borrow money from them and then turn around and give it back as foreign aid.

They must be laughing their asses off all the way to the bank.

Foreign aid is a minuscule part of the budget. The actual percentage of our debt that the Chinese hold is small compared to how much we just owe to ourselves. And interest rates are historically low, so there's no reason to be scared of borrowing. 

on Mar 21, 2014

Tin-foil hat on.

I think the liquidity trap is by design.  The wealth gap is being driven up intentionally (or at least without objection) to enable 'the crisis'.

Tin-foil hat removed.

on Mar 22, 2014

the crisis will be the excuse to ditch the rest of the constitution, and put the NSA/CIA/FBI/homeland security directly in charge?

on Mar 22, 2014

Bolstering Brad's views about QE.  Figure 1 should scare the hell out you.

on Feb 25, 2015

This is really interesting. If you have not watched it I suggest you do. It is a real eye opener. I could not find a youtube version but this works.


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