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Published on November 23, 2012 By starkers In Personal Computing

Yeah, I'm pretty pissed with Acronis.  2012 isn't even over and Acronis True Image 2012 is obsolete if you run Windows 8.  It won't install on Win 8 and this page suggests it will never be updated to do so.  It's pissing me off enormously because I only purchased it 4 - 5 months ago and I've not even gotten 6 months use out of it. 

Now it wouldn't be so bad if there were plans to update it, or if it were 10 years old or something, but the year for which it was published isn't even over... and it is already obsolete for 1000's of Windows 8 users?  Moreover, a number of people who added Win 8 compatibility to the Acronis 2012 wishlist were totally ignored, so I'm thinking Acronis has an attitude problem and will likely disappear from the list of backup programs as I search for a replacement to safeguard my system.  Active Disk Image and Macrium look like 2 possible candidates.

Oh yeah, and another reason I'm looking to switch, Acronis bundles what should be standard features [by today's standards] into a 'Plus Pack' and charges extra for them.  Various forum members drew attenton to this and noted that other developers had made them all inclusive, but it seems Acronis intends not to follow suit, and for me that is an incentive to look elsewhere.

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on Nov 26, 2012


Quoting stax77, reply 51Just to clear things up. I'm from the EU, not Australia. I don't know anything about australian stores. The link i posted i got from googling "australia computer store" and clicking on the very first link it gave me.

Maybe it is a small trader, i have no idea really, but it's not like i had to search through countless obscure stores before finding one that offered a windows 7 PC. Took me about 30 seconds.

stax77, you're missing the point entirely.  It's not whether or not some smaller operators are still selling PC's with Win 7 installed, but that the major retailers are not, probably at the behest of Microsoft.  Now it's quite likely that Microsoft wants to push Win 8 more aggressively, given the poor sales figure worldwide, and that means it will likely dry up supply of Win 7 to enable that, meaning that even the smaller traders won't be able to provide customers with Win 7 machines for much longer.

It happened when Win 7 was released! There may have been a few old copies out in the wild to begin with, but MS ceased releasing earlier editions and within a few weeks of 7's release, Vista and XP were pretty much unavailable anywhere in Australia.


Oh, i agree with you that microsoft is/will be pushing win 8 on the market. What i disagree with is your accusation of acronis based on the claim that "you can only get windows 8 and nothing else today", because it quickly got reduced to "you can only get windows 8 and nothing else IN AUSTRALIA" to "you can only get windows 8 and nothing else in australia AT MAJOR RETAILERS"(which i still have my doubt about - google usually does not point you to a MINOR retailer in it's first link).

Basically it quickly went from worldwide truth to an avoidable local concern (if all an australian has to do to find a computer with win7 is google it and click the first link then it's not really that hard to get as you depict it, IMHO)

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