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Published on September 17, 2005 By starkers In Internet
My wife has friends with whom she keeps in touch on yahoo messenger, which is all well and good....if ever she can get me out of WC long enough Seriously though, we downloaded the most recent version, as recommended, but when it's installed our system goes into safe mode, making it rather difficult to read anything on the screen. We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling without success, with no response from yahoo in days now, and wonder if anyone here has any ideas as to resolving this issue. We have tried links to previous versions but all take us to the most recent one, so that is not an option, and there are no prior system restore points available.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as my wife would like to contact or be contacted by a couple of friends who use the service......and thanks in advance

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on Sep 19, 2005
I don't believe a clean install/repair of XP will be of much use. If I understand correctly (I want to be on the same page with took me awhile to figure out your 'goes into Safe Mode' was actually your display falling back to VGA default and not a re-boot) when you install 5.8 drivers (which are correct) everything works correctly until you install Yahoo Messenger (any version). The NET install (for the ATI drivers) appears to be fine, but I think we need to do the ATI drivers in the manner I described earlier. First things first, make sure everything related to Yahoo Messenger is off your system (if you have a Registry cleaner, run it). Do not re-install Yahoo. Then un-install the ATI drivers using Add/Remove and re-boot into Safe Mode (you must log in as the administrator). When prompted 'Windows has found new hardware' hit cancel. Run Driver cleaner as before. While still in Safe Mode, run/install the downloaded ATI drivers file and re-boot on prompt. Once back in Windows and all the display properties are properly set, run every program you can think of and see if anything else gives you an error. If you get none then the problem is ypager...period. If you do get other errors then something else is amiss. Let me know and we'll go from there.
on Sep 20, 2005
Sorry yrag....was rudely interrupted by sleep and other duties.

Well I did the uninstall of messenger and the ATI drivers in safe mode, then ran the driver cleaner and a registry cleaner to remove all instances there of ypager and ATI. I then ran into problems reintalling the ATI drivers and software in safe mode, getting the message that installation could not continue because Windows could find no related hardware or software.

When I rebooted in normal mode this message came up: Fatal Engine Execution Error (10x7927baco) Event log says that a device attached to the system is not functioning...MS help and support says there are no knowledge base articles on this error, so I'm more at a loss than before. However, it seems to be a Windows issue, System Restore has not rectified the problem, and I wonder if I should do a Repair Installation of Windows before proceeding further with the ATI/ypager issue?
on Sep 20, 2005
Well I've managed to fix the aforementioned errors and get the rig back to square it was prior to the ypager issues, and it seems I have no conflicts with the reloaded ATI drivers and other loaded programs

The issue remains, however, with ypager being reinstalled on the system. I shall not attempt to do so until more is known as to why the conflict arose and how to resolve it. Yahoo Messenger and ATI drivers/software have co-existed on this system previously. The difference now is that I recently had an IDE drive installed to replace a SATA drive as the primary boot disk...and the installed ATI drivers were installed with the video card via CD ROM, later updated via the ATI website to Catalyst 5.6 Don't know if this has any bearing on matters, but I saved the earlier 5,6 driver installer and wonder if reverting back to those would help?

I've also been looking in other forums and areas for possible solutions but have revealed nothing remotely similar as hopefully one will turn up shortly
on Sep 20, 2005
Not finding your hardware and 'Fatal Engine Execution Error' are related to NET Framework.......we seem to be jumping from one fire to the next (I thought we already took care of the Framework fire). Let's try this; how many user accounts do you have on this machine and if more then one, which account are you installing this 'stuff' under? When you changed from SATA back to IDE, did you do a fresh install or just transfer the files over..........and do you still have a SATA connected to your system as a secondary?

...what's up with this sleep crap...??
on Sep 20, 2005
yrag, thanks for replying.

I only have one user account, so everything goes into the one....mine, cos the wife ain't allowed to have her own to hide stuff on And when the new IDE was installed, I did a clean intall of XP and all just seemed the better way to junk files or old issues. The SATA drive is still installed as a secondary. That was 2 weeks ago. However, I did have a problem with installing my HP 1200 series All in One, something I've done without issue a dozen or more times now....and on a clean install of XP SP2 with firewall disabled and nothing else on it?

Don't know if it has any relevance here, but when the HP software failed to install after 4 attempts, I gave up and forgot all about it until now...just got too sidetracked with other stuff. Silly me for neglecting to mention it...when installing the HP drivers/software from the supplied CD Rom, everything seemed ok, but not all components correctly registered on the system. When HP Director was opened, most controls were missing and a check in 'add remove programs' showed no instances of the required HP imaging/printing software. Folders were placed in Program Files, Common Files and Applications in Documents & Settings, but they did not show in the registry. My guess is that it's probably related to a Windows Installer issue or is a script problem....any thoughts on that would also be appreciated.

And that "sleep crap".....forced upon me after 4 days without. Got a crick in my neck for my troubles...fell asleep at the puter, didn't I
on Sep 20, 2005
fell asleep at the puter

....oh...that's OK then....

I guess it was in this state you forgot the HP thingy.......

Two things are problematic; the failed HP install (just loading the drivers won't do with HP) and the SATA as your secondary drive. For the time being, un-plug the printer. That could be causing a USB problem. We'll deal with that in a bit. I need to know if the drivers are loaded for the SATA drive and what the SATA cable is plugged adapter or directly to the motherboard. In Device Manager check to see that Windows ID's all your drives correctly. While you're there, look to see what else isn't correctly identified (excluding the printer)
on Sep 20, 2005
.....the ole double post

Sometimes, this site drives me crazy......oh...wait a minute......I was already there.........
on Sep 20, 2005
Is it fixed yet ? Im just taking notes..
on Sep 20, 2005
yrag....I'm baaaack.

Okay, the SATA drive that previously contained the OS is now purely a storage disk and has no drivers. I have 2 SATA drives: a 160gig and an 80 gig as storage, and the 160gig IDE partitioned into C:/ D:/ and E:/......the SATA's are both connected directly to the Motherboard. All drives are registered correctly in disk management and are healthy.

In Device Manager, all entries show as working normally but for 2 multimedia devices entries showing as not loaded because nothing is connected to them. The printer is unplugged....was not reconnected when I did a clean up with compressed air a few days ago....didn't work, no point.

Hope all this helps to brainstorm the situation....'tis 4.30 in the morning here and I don't wanna aggravate that crick in my neck
on Sep 20, 2005, no such luck Unfortunately, uninstalling the graphics drivers and removing all traces with driver and registry cleaners created another issue....something went amiss with NET framework in the process and it took ages to resolve that before i could move forward with this yahoo messenger issue. Have done all the things yrag advised, but will not try to reinstall ypager until more is known as to why is crashes the display drivers. What a pain in the arse it all is...all for a proggy if rarely use, if ever. My wife likes to have it though, mostly to stay in touch with some friends and family members.....without the phone bill being grounds for divorce

With a bit of luck.....but there again, mines so bad that if it was raining money, I'd get washed down the gutter with a rubber cheque (ENG/AU) check (US)
on Sep 20, 2005
I'm intrigued with your drive setup.....unless you tell me different, I'll assume all programs are loaded to the C:\ partition. The multimedia devices not showing correctly in Device Manager makes me think it's an onboard chip that's enabled in the bios (disable it if you're not going to use it). That leads me to the next question; when you changed the SATA to a secondary, did you change anything in the bios to reflect the new boot sequence? When you cleaned, you didn't happen to pull the memory out, did you?
on Sep 20, 2005
yrag....yep, all proggies are on C:\. The mutimedia controllers in Device Manager have been do with a TV tuner card I've not gotten around to reinstalling properly yet

To save me the hassle, I took the box in and my techie put the IDE in and assigned it to primary boot, SATA to secondary....the SATA HD was reformatted prior to that and had no drivers installed.

When I cleaned, nothing internal was removed, just the side panels to gain access to blow out dust deposits with a can of compressed air.

You know, it'd really piss me off to go through this process of elimination and find nothing wrong, only then to receive a message from yahoo to say that they've re-engineered it for me cos I used the webcam to moon somebody who was rude to me
on Sep 20, 2005
I have the same problem with the new AIM so you know what I did? Downloaded Trillian which took care of all the little Messenger quirky probs.
on Sep 20, 2005
Well, then prepare yourself to be pissed off.....excluding Yahoo, your drive set-up as well as all your hardware and software is running and running correctly. The HP software for that 1200 series is known to be buggy as hell and has been revised several times without much success. If you un-install whatever HP software you presently have then try just updating the drivers through the Device Manager (you may have to try several times before it takes). Hell, Windows may install them for you when you plug it in. Once the drivers are installed all functions will work....just without the eye candy.

......and that leaves us with Yahoo (in this case 'without'). Having said the above, it is clear ypager is evil and should be avoided until the smoke clears and we get a better sense from other users what problems they're having.

......soooooooooo......hand your wife a phone.....
on Sep 20, 2005
Oh well, yahoo messenger is out for the time being, for the phone, a second-hand pushbike would be cheaper in the long run...she can go visit instead Wow, this could work out real well for me....more time on the puter to myself without the evil eye.....less reason for in-laws to visit Picturing her on a bike cracks me up though....better put training wheels on to begin with

As for the HP situation, I'll see if they have anything on the website that may any event, I'll reinstall later, hopefully with the eye candy for convenience. Now where's that praying to the heavens emoticon that would be so fitting here?

I sleep now...errands to do later....guts for garters if unproductive due to lack of snooze....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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