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Published on October 1, 2016 By starkers In Personal Computing

In the early days I made it quite clear that I did not like Win 10 and that I'd stick with Win 8.1 because it is fast, stable and reliable.  In fact, I'm still using 8.1 on my main rig and am happy with the choice to remain with it.  However, I have Win 10 0n my HP 2-in1 and like it much better now that I've tweaked it to suit my likes and needs.  In some cases I used 3rd-party apps to achieve the desired result, but often times I could adjust things in 'Settings' to apply my personal preferences.

In a nutshell, I like Win 10 better than when it was first released.  With my own tweaks and some Windows updates, 10 is a more usable OS and subsequently is getting better all the time.  Is it my favourite OS of all time?  No, and it may never be, but I have learnt to co-exist with it and find a happy medium.  It isn't all the way there yet, but I have high hopes that 10 will be made better, either through Windows Update and/or 3rd-party programmes.  Heck, I may even install it on my main rigs some time further down the track.

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on Nov 25, 2016


I have no issues with Windows 10. Running it on a new HP computer that's a few months old. I disabled or uninstalled all the apps that came with the system, I do not use them. Seems to run OK. No issues with updates. 

  The only issue I had with this new computer was bringing it out of sleep.  Because it was less than two weeks old, I contacted Dell support.  I had updated everything I could for this machine but the Dell tech found another video update and another bios update.  Then we set the bios for S3 instead of S4/5 so I can bring it out of sleep without having to use the power button.  Otherwise all is well although I still like Windows 7 much better. 

on Nov 25, 2016

Glad you got it fixed, Uvah.  What a pain in the butt though.  Had I known back in 2015 that Dell was not going to update the drivers in my old XPS 3300, I would have blocked the Windows 10 update.  Oddly, my son's Dell is almost nine years old and runs Windows 10 with no problem.  He is able to update his driver's with no problem.