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Published on June 4, 2015 By starkers In Personal Computing

Well my CoolerMaster Cosmos II, ASUS Maximus VII Hero mobo and CPU cooler have arrived... at long fechen last.

Oops, I did say rant off, didn't I?   Still, I waited long enough... and maybe there's a little residual frustration lingering.

Anyway, I unpacked the Cosmos II.... and what a beastie it is, too!  I thought the Thermaltake Level 10 was a beastie, but this beastie beats that beastie by quite a bit.  It's fechen huge!  Put it this way, and not forgetting I'm not a short arse, it almost comes up to where my dangly bits leave off.... like if I were just tuppence ha'penny shorter it'd be past there and up to my hips.

According to the specs it is 13.5" wide x 27.7" high x 26.1" deep, but it sure looks and feels bigger in the flesh.


So yeah, the Cosmos II is impressive and a fine looking tower and would do any PC build proud.   There is oodles of room inside - like it's massive - to accommodate even the largest of motherboards and graphics cards.  It has bays for 13 HDDs, 2 are front loading and hot swappable, and space for 3 optical drives.  Cable management is going to be a breeze with all the rubber grommeted cut-outs, built-in retainers and all the packed accessories, which includes PSU cable extensions, given the bottom loading PSU and just how large the case is.

Oh, and did I mention just how damned good looking this case is?  No?  Well it's bloody well handsome and quite elegant, to say the least... not to mention aesthetically pleasing, beautifully crafted and designed... captivating.  Okay, so I'm laying it on a bit thick, but I'm so ecstatically pleased and near jumping out of my skin with anticipation over the build.  Yeah, this case was proving somewhat difficult to get, and I waited some time to get it, like just on a month, but I'm so glad that I waited it out for it instead of compromising with a lesser case that was in stock.  There were some nice looking alternatives available, but none compare to this beastie... not in looks, size or practicality.

Now this case was originally purchased - no, it didn't fall off the back of a truck - for a completely new build similar to Jafo's, but a health related priority came up to delay that at least 12 months, so I'm going to rebuild by current main rig in the Cosmos II and reassess in a year or so.

So, this beastie will have in it:

CPU: Intel Core i7 4790 K @ 4.0ghz.

Cooling: DeepCool 240L [twin fan] liquid cooler

Mobo: ASUS Maximus VII Hero... comes with Assassins Creed Unity.

RAM: 32gb G-Skill DDR3 RipjawsZ 2133gz.

GPU: ASUS Mars GTX760x2 4gb DDR5 x512 bit.

PSU: Silverstone 1200w Gold.

Sound: Creative Sound Blaster ZXR,

Optical: LG BluRay BH16NS40

OS Drive: Samsung 250gb M.2 SSD;

2nd SSD: 512gb Samsung Evo 250.

HDDs: 12 x Western Digital 3tb Caviar Green.

There will be a few other things, like PCIe cards for additional USB3 and SATA3 connections, etc, but that's all the main stuff for now.  Yes, there's better out there, what with all the new PC tech available since I purchased this hardware, but this machine will be no slouch and it'll do me for some time to come.

Anyway, I have to go to the post office to pick up a parcel and I'll begin work on it when I get back... pics will be posted along the way.


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on Jun 06, 2015

on Jun 06, 2015


HDDs: 12 x Western Digital 3tb Caviar Green.


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Fuzzy Logic

I don't see how the drives would even come into play... everything is done through the OS drive, which manages all internet downloads, etc.

The internet is awfully big, you'll need all your hard drives to store it.

Yes, the internet is humongously ginormous, but I don't want to download it all.  Heck, I don't even want to look at it all, much less store it.

As for Bo Peep, well she didn't simply lose her sheep.  No, they were lured away by a certain redneck with a promise of marriage.

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on Jun 07, 2015

Kim Kardashian is a knob-head with a knob-arse. If you are looking at pictures of her I can understand why you prefer sheep

on Jun 07, 2015

Anyway, I was rummaging through a box of computer bit's n' pieces and found a couple of fans to replace the ones that didn't fit inside the top cover, so that's an adjustment I no longer have to make.  All that's left now is connecting the fan LEDs and speed control panel when I get the cable converters on Tuesday.

Did I mention just how heavy this case/PC is now built?   The case on its own is 22kg but now it is filled with all the goodies, not that I've tried weighing it, but I'm guessing it is in the vicinity of 65kg - 70kg, if not more.... like it's fechen heavy.  You wouldn't think a few PC components would add that much, but I tried picking it up off the work table earlier and almost did myself a mischief.   I thought my Level 10 rig was heavy, but this beastie weighs considerably more... and is NOT something a physically messed up old fart like me should try lifting alone.  Nope, I shall wait until morning and get some assistance.

I have found an image hosting site that may be what I'm looking for.  If so, I'll upload the pics sometime tomorrow when I'm not hurting so much from bending over a PC build for the last couple of days

For now, however, it is bedtime.










on Jun 07, 2015

Fuzzy Logic

Kim Kardashian is a knob-head with a knob-arse. If you are looking at pictures of her I can understand why you prefer sheep

Um, NO, pics of Kim 'no-talent' Kardashian are NOT good viewing material... nekkid or otherwise.  Nope, she gives me a soft-on and contributes to/exacerbates the nausea I experience when suffering with vertigo.

Frankly, I wish she'd ride off into the sunset with that no talent rapper she married... to never be seen again, on the internet or otherwise.

on Jun 08, 2015

I have 8 TB of 'drives'......512 gig of which is as fast as what you can get currently...and another  512 is on 2 separate SSDs..... on the 2 Irish Condom be sure to be sure...

12 x 3 TB of HDs is enough to house the entire internet's porn content....

....last time I checked...


You'd be amazed how much storage you can go through when you try.  I've got 48TB (RAW) on the two active SAN's.  Technically I've got another 12TB in older systems, but I'm trying to sell those.

on Jun 08, 2015

Okay, so I took some pics but not all turned out so well.  Shaunna said that she'd get out her camera tomorrow and take some better ones, but in the meantime here is the some of the better ones I took using my phone camera....

Just added the PSU and Mobo


Have added CPU, Liquid cooler and RAM


Back view before fitting CPU and RAM


Replaced radiator fans and installed them inside top cover


Front view with optical drive and front panel for Creative soundcard.

They're not the best photos, but then I was never the photographer and I'll get Shaunna to take better ones, with some from different angles, etc.


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