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Published on May 30, 2015 By starkers In Personal Computing

So, a month ago now I ordered a new motherboard, liquid CPU cooler and a Coolermaster Cosmos II case, and I'm still fechen waiting on the arrival of these items.

Why?????   EOFYS, that's fechen why.... End of Financial Year Stocktake.  Well that's a large part of it.  The other part is that the mobo I originally ordered had suddenly became unavailable - in part because of stocktaking, but also something to do with a model revision to include USB 3.1 - and I've since had to select another board because the ETA for my first choice isn't until the end of July, early August.... which is way too far away for me. 

Fech, fech, FECH !!!!!  I was hoping to have had my main rig rebuilt with the new mobo and cooler before this, and with the swapping of some parts, my second rig as well.... like both are in pieces and awaiting the new parts, etc.  I'm currently using my HP laptop-come-tablet, which is okay, I guess, but it has only been a few days and I miss the speed and power of my big rigs.

Okay, so why did I pull apart my main rigs so far ahead in time, I'm hearing some of you ask.  Because the original ETA was Monday/Tuesday of last week, and had the items arrived on time I'd have been better prepared for their installation..  OKAY !!!!!

Anyway, I blame the fechen government, wanting its chop of everything and designating June 30 as the end of the financial year.  Bastards!!!!  Could've waited until my order had been processed and shipped, but no, they just had to go inconvenience me, didn't they !!!  Well I can tell you's one thing,  I won't be voting for those pricks again, not after this.  Oh, wait!  I didn't vote for them last time. 

I mean, more stuff would likely be available if it weren't for this fechen 'enforced' stocktake to determine how big a slice of the pie government gets. Yeah, the guy I usually order PC stuff through told me that his suppliers have made many items unavailable during the government initiated EOFYS period. Bastards !!!!!

The new ETA is wednesday next week, and instead of an ASRock Z97 Extreme6 mobo, I'm now getting an ASUS Z97 Maximus VI Hero, which has 2 less SATA ports, but that won't matter too much as I have a PCIe card that provides an extra 8 slots, if/when required.  Moreover, the ASUS board only has a 10gbps M.2 connection, whereas the ASRock board has a 30gbps M.2 connection, so I've sacrificed some speed with the latter option.  

I also had to select another CPU cooler because my first choice also became temporarily unavailable, but being that my order is delayed anyhow I'm not bitching about that.  Originally I was getting a Corsair H110 for $175.00, but because that supplier has more or less shut up shop during stocktake, I'm now getting a CoolerMaster equivelant for $101.00.   Bonus !!!!   

Still, the inconnvenience is inexcusable and I blame Tony Abbott for everything.

So, in conclusion, I just have to say, anybody that thinks this is a travesty and wants to say "oh you poor boy", kudos to you and please lay it on thick.  On the other hand, anybody with the "suck it up pricess" kind of attitude need not apply and should refrain from expressing such views.  Anyone failing to meet this directive will be banned ...... like excommunicated and sent to Coventry.





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on Jun 04, 2015

Well my stuff has arrived... for further updates see 'Rant Off' but only just"

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