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Published on May 20, 2015 By starkers In Personal Computing

I hadn't planned to make any more tech purchases once I'd gotten my CoolerMaster Cosmos II and a Z97 motherboard to upgrade my i7 4790K rig, but plans do not always go to plan, as I found out yesterday, now.

So there I was, trawling through price comparison pages for PC tech, as you do, when I spied this ASUS ROG Mars 760 Dual GPU graphcs card going for an unusually low price... and better still, the place selling it is just 20 minutes away by bus.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I took a trip to the establishment, slammed $279.00 on the counter and walked out with a graphics card I'd seen going for a $1000 plus.  Put bluntly, I was fechen gobsmacked.  In most places I'd seen this card was just shy of 500 bucks and upwards.... and here was I, walking out with one for a tad over half price AND/OR considerably less.  I mean, take a look at this, for example, one going for over $503, and the other for a grand 37[$1037]

So yeah, it has two GTX760 GPUs, 4Gb of GDDR5 RAM and a 512 bit memory interface.   According to ASUS, it more than rivals a GTX690 and is 7% faster than a GTXTitan, so it's a more than decent card at a very decent price, even normally speaking... but even moreso in my case.  Tom's Hardware reviewed it and pretty much gave it the thumbs up and said it is a rather powerful GPU for the $650 pricepoint.... see review here

Hehe, so there I was, NOT gonna spend any more money on tech this year to deal with more pressing matters, but how do you NOT buy sh!t when it's going for a song? 

Yes, I'm a bad, bad boy.    I even considered getting up in the morning and taking it back, but that's not gonna work.  I'd still be a bad, bad boy cos I did it in the first place, only I'd be more miserabler cos I wouldn't fechen have it any more, so yeah, you guessed it, I decided against taking it back.  Like fech it, why should I be more miserable than I already am?  Right, I shouldn't  Hence I'm gonna keep it ... and drink and extra shandy or 3 every day to drown the ...  er., did I say guilt and shame?  Nah, not me, squire, not me.

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on May 25, 2015


Starkers, you really, really, really are a bad, bad boy!  Keep up the good work! Oh, did I mention you are a very bad boy?   

I already knew I was/am a bad boy.  In fact, I recall being a dirty old man at a very young age.... like when I was at kindy and being fascinated by my kindy teacher's boobies.  So it's not just a recent thing that suddenly came over me, but more a progression of tastes and desire.... from kindy teachers to lap dancers.

Nah, not really!  While I admire beauty and the female form, of which boobies are an important part, I have a better opinion of myself than that.  Oh, and the part about offering to 'put one back', well that bit didn't actually happen, though I'm embarrassed that I thought it.  No, the true gentleman would have turned away and pretended that he didn't see anything, which despite some compelling 'viewing', is exactly what I did. 

So, at the end of the day, maybe I'm not such the bad boy as I'd like to think I am.

on May 25, 2015

How to pass up an absolute bargain......with extreme predjudice. 

on May 25, 2015

How to pass up an absolute bargain......with extreme predjudice. 

Or extreme brokeness.