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tho 12 months would be more desirable
Published on July 25, 2014 By starkers In Personal Computing

I've been waiting for the beginning of the end for some time now, and some tech analyst who reckons Apple could be obsolete inside 3 years has raised my hopes some.

Id love for it to be true... and all those Mac fanbois booking themseves into rehab to deal with the wthdrawal symptoms.

Dunno about 12 months, even!  6 would be nice but probably too much to expect.  The asylums wouldn't be anywhere near prepared for such an immediate influx of lost souls craving the next iSomething that ain't gonna happen.

Ah, the demise of Apple.... SWEET, and a double edged blessing.  There'd be a bunch of bankers doing swan dives outta Wall St highrises as well.

And with all the mortgage foreclosures and debt reclamations, one would also hope the guys who run around below with those 'catch-the-silly-buggers' blanket thingies have declared it an emergency services public holiday.

Yeah, I'm feeling a bit sadistic, but I stubbed my toe earlier and it hurt, so right now those people I don't like are fair game.

Another lot I hope are devastated by the evaporation of Apple is Lawyers.  Smug bastards turn up at the courthouse with iPhone this and iPad that, a MacBook Pro with Retina display just to make you feel inferior before your case even gets mentioned... and you know deep down it's all ill gotten gain because they've been reaping 65% of past clients settlements... or did a deal with the other side to split the proceeds.

Then there's fechen car salesmen, who know how much they can overcharge you on whichever model before you have the chance to blink cos they got one of those super-duper fast desktop macs with all the bells and whistles that has the figures on-screen instantly.

Yup, given how many slimy professions depend on Apple crap, its demise can't come quick enough for me.

Oh, and before I go, I need to mention the pron peddlers who use Apple hardware/software to produce the most interesting cinematography.  They are bastards as well.... cos I gotta convert the format before I can watch it on my Windows machine.  It's just not fechen right!

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on Jul 27, 2014


Companies are inanimate objects, it's people who accomplish things.  Their massive contribution to bringing modern computing to the average person's home was engineered by Steve Wozniak (no longer an active employee at Apple) and made successful by Steve Jobs (deceased) in the distant past.  I'm not much of an Apple hater, but I dislike this nostalgia of fawning over the Apple of today because of what the company did 35 years ago.  It was an entirely different collection of people back then.



on Jul 28, 2014

While that may be true today I still prefer versatility over propriety. Just my three cents.

on Jul 28, 2014

Agreed.  I chose Android for one simple reason - a few years from now I will likely want to upgrade my phone without switching ecosystems.  At that time, I will likely have a choice between the 2-3 models Apple is offering and the dozens that Android-based manufacturers are offering.  What if I don't like the 2-3 iPhone models?


on Jul 28, 2014


In a perfect world Apple would still exist. They had a hand in bringing about modern computing and cell phone design. I don't understand your dislike of Google and Apple. Without both of them the world and the internet would be different for the worse.

Kona, my good man, I have simply taken a couple of news items and have had a bit of fun with them.  I do not have a hatred of either Apple or Google, nor Microsoft or Yahoo.  Each of these companies have contributed greatly to to world of computing, as have others, but every now and again I take a tongue-in-cheek potshot based on some news item or such.  I do it in the hope I can help liven up the forums and give others an opportunuty to say their piece, be it humorous or serious.

Call it a community service or a bit of tomfoolery, I just do it in the hope I can brighten the days of othewrs.

on Jul 28, 2014

on Jul 28, 2014

I wonder who took a bite out of Apple's apple. Hmmmmm......conspiracies abound.



Sorry for the OT.  

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