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Published on February 7, 2014 By starkers In Personal Computing

Yup, it's that time of year again, but this time it's not a PC upgrade but rather a complete new build... starting with a real sexy case...


Now this is a full tower and has oodles of room inside for lots of fantastic shit... accommodating extra big graphics cards, enormous CPU coolers and even a magical leprechaun who can fix stuff when it's broken.  Orright, maybe not the leprechaun, but it is fechin' huge inside.  And what's more, to make it even more fancy, it has keys to get into it... so nobody's stealing my graphics card in a hurry... the innards of the beasty are quite secure.

Orright, so maybe it's not that secure, but there are lots of things to like about this case. For example, the 'hot swap' hard drive bays and the 'daisy chained' power connecters so that only one SATA plug from the PSU is required. Then there's the great ventilation, easy access to everything and the sexiest appearance ever.

Anyhow, enough of all that, let's talk about the innards...

PSU....   Silverstone 1200w 80 Gold

Mobo.... Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H [has 10 SATA 3 ports and 10 USB3 ports]

CPU....   Intel i7 4770K @ 3.5ghz [but highly overclockable]

Cooler... Corsair H60 Liquid CPU Cooler.

RAM...   G-Skill Trident DDR3 2400mhz x 32GB

SSD...    Samsung 840 Evo series 512Gb

GPU...    Gigabyte Radeon 7970 GV-R797WF3- 3GD.

Well that's all I got in it for now, but it has been a long, hard day and I've had enough, it's bedtime and the rest will have to wait 'til tomorrow.

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on Feb 07, 2014

Where's that rattling coming from? 


on Feb 07, 2014

Mobo.... Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H [has 10 SATA 3 ports and 10 USB3 ports]


on Feb 07, 2014

The HW is fine, but the case is anything but sexy.

Swap that shit for something from Fractal Design, Antec or Lian Li. 

on Feb 07, 2014

Island Dog

I've looked at that case before, it's definitely nice.  I'm going to upgrade within the year but I haven't decided whether to buy or build this time.


For mine it has to be build.  While there are some nice pre-builds out there, I don't think you can can harness the same kind of power that a home/self-build can offer, not unless you go the custom-build route, but then you pay handsomely for that service when dealing with major manufacturers such as Alienware, etc. However, I got my local PC store some years ago to build me a custom P4 machine, and while it was nothing spectacular in terms of speed or performance, by today's standards, it was quite a nice unit that rivaled most pre-build machines of the day and it cost me a 100 bucks less than any retail equivelant of the time.... $489.00 as opposed to $599.00 best price.

The reason I prefer building myself is being able to hand pick all the parts to get the best bang for the buck/budget while selecting the best parts for the job... and by researching and shopping around, there's always the chance of a real bargain, meaning you can spend more within the budget to purchase a higher rated CPU or RAM or case, which is what I did.

Had I purchased the case through a local PC store with high overheads, I would have paid $499.95, but I shopped around and found one for $265.00.  With that saving I went for the best CPU I could get, allowing $450 as top price.  I got the 4770K for $379.00, so I was then able to boost the RAM.  Instead of 1866mhz, I was able to afford 2400mhz, which was on special 90 bucks off.  Now you can't do that with an off the shelf PC, not unless you pay the going price then spend more to upgrade it later on... if you can, but it don't make sense.

Moreover, I've lost count of how many times I've read/heard about off the shelf PCs having bottlenecks, such as in the motherboard or CPU, the RAM or graphics card... and to make the tragedy worse, they're non-upgradeable, so you're stuck with it... an $800.00 paperweight.  The fact is, the major manufacturers need to pump out as many machines as possible for the least cost, hence the bottlenecks and inferior parts, and by the time you've paid the retailer his due, you've paid nearly a grand for a less than optimum PC that likely has a shorter lifespan than one you could build yourself for less.

To date, this current build has cost me just over a grand in new parts... the case $265.00; mobo $259.00; CPU $379.00; RAM $199.00; CPU cooler 89.00... $1201.00 all up.  The other parts: GPU; SSD; PSU; sound card; TV tuner card, and storage drives will be purloined from this machine, which will be rebuilt using parts I've accumulated from previous upgrades.  So all up, new and purloined parts, I suppose the new build comes in around two and a bit grand, which isn't bad considering a bit over half was spread out over 2 or 3 years.

So, have I made the case to build not buy?

on Feb 07, 2014

I've built many before, just don't have the time or desire to go through all of what you described.

Who knows though.


on Feb 07, 2014

Looks like fun...but we NEED pictures...

on Feb 07, 2014

"Shakes head..."

Why, kona?  Is there something you want to say here but aren't to sure if you should?

Thing is, mate, I'm a big boy now and I can take it.  If you wanna berate me for not going AMD, go right ahead... I sort of feel a bit like a traitor who's forgotten about loyalty, so yeah, berate me 'til it hurts.

If it's about money, I gave up heaps of stuff, and not just the bad shit to save my tush off to get that much.  To say I'm frugle doesn't even come close.  No, when it comes to spending on anything that doesn't thrill me/light up my life, like PC parts, then I'm as tight as a duck's bum, and that's watertight. 

I'm so tight with money, and I see where somebody has superglued a 5 cent coin to the pavement, I'll go back with a chisel, won't even wait 'til dark, and I'll chisel that bastard right off of there and pocket it... i got no shame, and if the bloke's still in reaching distance I mug him of his last 5 cents so he don't do it again.

Anyhow, all jokes aside,

I do save hard when I want/need something, and I will sacrifice things many wouldn't to reach my goal

on Feb 07, 2014

To say I'm frugle

Sounds like something you blow.....with a lisp....

'frugal' is the word you're looking for...

on Feb 07, 2014

'frugal' is the word you're looking for...

It was but he didn't wish to waste the energy looking it up.

That's how they spell it in Scotland.

on Feb 07, 2014

Great specs, and a good price to... boot. (cough) Just a heads-up for future purchases, there are cheaper SSDs out there (see here and here).

on Feb 07, 2014

Looks like a KILLER build. I'm sure you have it all scoped out but for anyone interested there is a site called PCPartPicker where you build your Rig on site and it lists if the parts you want are compatible, how much power you'll need and gives total cost of rig and where you can get the parts for the cheapest price.   Would love to see pictures of the finished product.

on Feb 07, 2014


Thanks for the link! Looks good; I have it bookmarked.

on Feb 07, 2014

I am also thinking about doing a build. I want to make my own case out of wood. I kind of like this but will probably build something completely different.

on Feb 08, 2014

I am also thinking about doing a build. I want to make my own case out of wood. I kind of like this

Falzone's cases are cool but would take more time and skill than I have. Good luck

on Feb 08, 2014


Quoting JuniorCrooks, reply 28I am also thinking about doing a build. I want to make my own case out of wood. I kind of like this

Falzone's cases are cool but would take more time and skill than I have. Good luck

Thanks but its not that hard for me. I have been a woodworker for 25 years so I have learnt a thing or two. I will keep it somewhat simple though and I think this old radio is the design I will go with. The rollup door will be a cool idea for getting into the guts.