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Published on April 14, 2019 By starkers In WinCustomize Talk

Yay, Game of Thrones season 8 has begun. Yippee!!!!.

Sadly, it is the final season and there will be no more after the 6 episodes.  However, I am grateful for those episodes and will get the final season on Bluray to complete my GoT collection when it is released.

So, I have read several theories as to how John Snow and his allies defeat the WhiteWalkers, one being he and Daenerys Targaryen are forced to marry to restore the balance of fire and ice after she too becomes a WhiteWalker.

However, that is one thought of many.  What are your thoughts as to how the series concludes?

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on Apr 15, 2019

I think this will end terribly for everyone involved. When I think of everything that has happened in the Game of Thrones series, I come out feeling more saddened than pleased. 

Also - since there are only six episodes left, I sure wish there was more action in there first episode. 😡

on Apr 16, 2019

Yeah, there are theories that quite a few characters will perish before season's end, one being Arya Stark, but I feel that Jon Snow and Daenrys Targaryan will rise above it all to eventually rule the 7 kingdoms.

Another thing that saddens me is that GoT is the most talked about TV series in history, yet here on this forum there is just one solitary response to the OT.  

on Apr 16, 2019

OK, still one solitary post... lots of lurkers, no contributors.  Tired of trying to keep the forums alive.

This'll be my last post... ever.

on Apr 16, 2019

Well - you have me to chat about Game of Thrones with, pal. ♥️

I'm hoping your outcome becomes reality. I would love for the series to end on an epic high note, but I can't imagine the White Walkers losing at this point with the incredible army they've built up. Not only do that have an undead dragon, but also an undead wilding giant and an insane amount of undead soldiers that have been accumulated over the years. 

It also doesn't help there's still infighting between the seven realms. Even with the wave of White Walkers marching their way south, they still can't come together for the good of mankind! 

on Apr 22, 2019

I wasn't going to comment on the forums again - well at least not for some while - but my love of GoT brought me back to continue the conversation here.

Yes, the White Walkers seem to have a numbers advantage, but the kingdom leaders seem to realise the danger they're in and have banded behind Jon Snow and Dani.....except for Cersei.  She believes she has the safety of numbers and distance to survive what seems an inevitable war.  However, her ally in the [now] commander of the Iron Fleet is untrustworty and my yet betray her for another [lucrative] quest.  The other possibility there is that his cousin may yet retake the fleet [with the 200,000 troops aboard] and sail North to assist in the war there.

Those are 'supposes', however, and may not come to fruition.  On the side of the allies, there is Dragonglass and fire, the only two known elements to destroy White Walkers.  With all their weapons now forged with dragonglass, they do have an advantage.  Well at least the odds are evened, and then there's the remaining two dragons, who I'm sure will be more careful in battle after their brother was downed by the Night King.

After watching this week's installment I am evermore hopeful that Winterfell will drive back the White Walker onslaught and buy the seven kingdoms more time to prepare for the final battle, which by then sees the allies in a much stronger position and strong enough to defeat the undead army.  One event of this week's episode that leads me to think that is Jon telling Dani who he really is... the true heir to the Iron throne.  I believe Dani will tell Sansa Stark this to help heal their frosty relations, in the hope that Sansa will then throw her 100% support behind the effort to defeat the White Walkers.

Another element on the side of the allies is Bran Stark.  Surprise! Surprise!  Yes, the young man in the wheelchair.  As Bran said in the last episode, the Night King fears him... not for his fighting ability but for his mind, which I believe is capable of destroying the Night King.

I also think, given GoT is based on the novel series 'A Song Of Fire and Ice', that the allies under Jon Snow will be victorious because fire will always destroy ice.  Well that's my theory - because fire will always melt ice in a face to face confrontation.  Besides, the writers have given us several characters to love and follow, so why kill them all off and disappoint millions of fans?  Yes, some characters may perish in the battle, but I think that the key characters we have come to love will survive and forge a new kingdom under the Iron Throne.

Anyway, that's it for now.... back to you.  

on Apr 25, 2019


on Apr 28, 2019

I'm looking forward to purchasing the full series on DVD Blu-ray. GoT  is just too addictive.

Cersei, dear demented Cersei. Hate her so much. Lena has done a fantastic job with her.

Great acting by the entire company.

on May 01, 2019

Yes, GoT is very addictive indeed.  I already have seasons 1 to 6 on Bluray, I just need 7 and 8 to complete the set.  As for the acting, stellar, absolutely stellar.  My favourite character is Tyrion, but I'm also quite fond of Arya Stark, Jon Snow and Danerys.  Cersei is essential to the entire plot and is also a favourite of mine, and yes, Lena Headley has done a fantastic job there.

@ TheBeebs, when you come back.

The third episode proved my theory that the Night King would be defeated, and undone by Arya Stark of all people.  I believe she had help from the Red Witch, but no matter, the Night King and his legions of dead are no more.  Now it's time to go sort Cersei out.  Yes, Jon and Danerys armies are depleted by the battle with the White Walkers, but they will regroup and now find more willing parties to go up against Cersei when the time comes.

As for who will sit on the Iron Throne, Jon or Dani, I'm not sure, but together they will defeat Cersei to unite the Seven Kingdoms return them to their former glory, a just and fairer place for all to live.

on May 01, 2019

The only thing I'm not to wild about with the new season is their decision to use a dark can hardly see anything unless you brighten the screen. I have all the other seasons and those are fine.

on May 02, 2019

Yeah, if I have a complaint about GoT, it is the overuse of the dark screen in season 8.  While useful in certain scenes, the dark theme was overused and detracted from the action of The Long Night.

As for Arya knocking off the Night King, well I'm still stunned.  Never saw that one coming!  I have a theory that Arya will bump off Cersei, however, for her part in Ned Stark's death.  While it seemed that her son Joffrey gave the order, it was clealy Cersei's decision as part of her plan to wipe out all opposition to the Lannister family.  For that, I think Arya will end Cersei to help clear the way to the Iron Throne for Jon and Daenerys.

on May 03, 2019

For those who feel Jon Snow didn't do enough to defeat/kill the Night King, he did more than enough so that Arya could do it.  Jon distracted the Ice Dragon by shouting at it, taunting it to kill him while Arya slipped by to kill the Night King and save Bran.

Had Jon not distracted the Ice Dragon, Arya would not have been able to slip past to confront the Night King.  Not only did Jon believe that Arya was quite capable, he also knew that the Night King would least expect her to be the one to finally end him.

Congratutations to the series creators and the writers for adding that brilliant twist to the story line.  Few, if anyone, saw that one coming.

on May 04, 2019

I haven't seen any of GoT but my daughter is addicted to the show. I'm waiting for the final season ending. Then I intend to purchase the entire show on DVD and present it to her as a gift. 

on May 05, 2019

I haven't seen any of GoT but my daughter is addicted to the show. I'm waiting for the final season ending. Then I intend to purchase the entire show on DVD and present it to her as a gift. 

That's a mighty fine gesture, Ross, she will appreciate that a lot, I'm sure.  I'm just waiting for season 8 to finish so that I can go get myself the final 2 seasons on Bluray.  I have seasons 1 to 6 already.  I haven't watched any of them as yet... the plan always was to complete the set and leisurely binge watch the entire series without having to rely on Foxtel [the carrier here in Oz] replaying it sometime later on.

Thing is, Ross, I do recommend that you get to watch it yourself.  It is probably the greatest TV series I have ever seen, and I've seen some good ones, but GoT tops them all.... and then some.  I believe it is right up your alley as far as entertainment goes.....with action, drama, elements of magic and, sci'fi all in a fictional, medieval-type setting with castles and great scenery from around the world.  Put it this way, the producers of GoT spared no expense whatsoever to create authentic/believable settings throughout the series.

There have been season 8 spoilers in this thread, and there's likely to be more [that's if the bloke who promised to discuss it with me ever comes back] so if you intend to watch it later in its entirety, I advise forgetting what you read here so it isn't spoilt for you.  Same goes for anyone else who hasn't seen GoT as yet but plan to later.

on May 05, 2019


I do recommend that you get to watch it yourself.

That's the plan Mark. Didn't start from the beginning and it doesn't make sense to watch any episode and not know what's going on.

on May 05, 2019

Can't wait to watch all episodes on DVD. I just know I'll see something I missed. Besides, I can pause and go and make popcorn, LOL

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